2018 successes and highlights

2018 Focused on growth in virtue, holiness, humility and fortitude. I definitely grew in those areas. I navigated executrix-ship of Daddy's estate pretty well. Probate closed and my siblings and I are still in good relationship. Daddy blessed us financially. Thank you, Daddy. I wish I had thanked you when you were still living, but we all know you were weird about money and may have taken my thanks wrong. I write that smiling because... Read more →

2017 in review

What a full, and unusual, year 2017 was. The highlight of the early part of the year was our 24th anniversary trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon. We had an amazing time. The first morning we were there I did something I’ve never done before: I read, journalled, and had coffee in bed. I felt I was in the lap of luxury. Cannon Beach is very beautiful and I’d recommend it to anyone for a vacation.... Read more →

2013 successes

It's been another one of those tough years. But still, there were some successes. Walked (1-3 kilometers, depending on which bus stop I got off) to work most days, even in the brutal cold. Got new living room furniture. Got a new car; Nissan Altima. Trained Peewee to be a good boy. He was a good boy all along, but now he's well trained. The book club is still going strong and I enjoy my... Read more →

resolves kept

I get irked by the pessimists who say there isn't any use in New Year's resolutions because no one keeps them anyway. It's true, truer than I like to admit, that many of my beginning-of-the-year goals don't get kept. I've never lost those last pesky 100 pounds, nor do I work out everyday. So yes, I don't keep them all, but I do keep some. 1986 - Before legislation dictated it, I began wearing a... Read more →