hannah and darian's wedding

IMG_1680 IMG_1676Our middle daughter, Hannah, married on May 7, 2016. It was a very Hannah-and-Darian type wedding; simple, sweet, and intimate. I was delighted that they chose our backyard to marry. Not only was it beautiful, it was an easy and low-stress wedding. 

My sister, Stacie, came from North Carolina to supervise (plan and cook) the reception dinner of lasagna. Everyone raved about it. Gordon's mom and brother, Grant, came from Edmonton.

Darian's grandmothers, uncle, aunt, parents, brothers, and a couple of friends, as well as one of Hannah's friends, Jody, attended. It was intimate to capture a few photos with all the wedding guests.

Hannah's two sisters, Rachael and Deborah, and her Junior High best friend, Jody, stood up with her. Darian's two brothers, Lyndon and Brendon, and his friend, Mackenzie, stood up with him.

Gordon's pastor, Mike, performed the ceremony and did a beautiful job. It was very God-honoring. I was pleased that everyone heard a Christian message.

IMG_1662 IMG_1717Three eagles circled above the wedding during the message. That was beautiful and seemed like a sign. I don't know what kind of sign, but it was an incredibly unique sight. The pictures didn't do the experience justice.

It was a beautiful spring day and the yard was in full bloom. What a treat to show off our lovely, new yard on the Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to Stacie's generous help, the reception was lovely. A lovely meal, simple, yet elegant decor, lively conversation, and some dancing. All in all, it was delightful.

The bride and groom were gracious, kind, excited, and loved their special day. Darian said it was the best day of his life and Hannah agreed. That blessed me enormously.