2012 in review

In a nutshell, 2012 was one of the hardest years of my life. Gone are the days of children who adore me. Gone are the days of being on the same wavelength with Gordon regarding parenting. Gone are the days of loving to be home enjoying my haven, my castle. I write this in a brand new year and I feel great. I think 2013 is going to be an amazing year. But it's far... Read more →

valerie's manifesto

After lengthy meditation on the subject, I've created a manifesto, a conviction list, of sorts. The process was a clarifying one. I highly recommend it for one's own focus and grounding. I love it!! Read more →

god's purpose on the job

(I will now break all cardinal rules for the internet by talking about work. I have never done this before.) I' m having a hard time at work. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't environment. I strive to rise above the annoyances, abuse and negativity. Last week I failed utterly. Failure is tough when you take being an example seriously. I don't know how my work struggles will end. Sometimes I... Read more →

thursday thirteen

2009, Valerie, Michael, Diane, Daddy, Stacie 1. I did a very foolish thing by not refilling a prescription. I've been out of it for about a week and a half. Bad, bad idea. Evidently it helps keep me sane. 2. I'm extraordinarily cranky and edgy. 3. I would kind of like to stab a few people with a fork. 4. Some people simply need a high five. In the face. With a chair. 5. Need... Read more →

just for fun

my backyard in the morning, I adore it out here A few weeks ago I referenced Gretchen Rubin's, The Happiness Project, in which she challenged me to think about what is fun for me. And I did; I thought long and hard about the things I like to do, the things I look forward to, the things I make time for. In the process, I had an epiphany: it's okay to call the things I... Read more →

marty from reno

It's not safe to talk about anything and everything on my blog like it used to be. With Facebook, anybody and/or their dog can find you. And sometimes they do. I'm as bad as anyone at creeping people's Facebook. I think of someone I haven't thought about in decades (or since yesterday) and see if they're on Facebook. Finding them I look at their pictures and see who their friends are and then stalk their... Read more →

me tootin' me up

Due to the overwhelming sales of my book, I'm working on volume two. The previous line is of course baloney. Stacie, mocking my sales numbers, said, "I better hurry and get mine before they're all sold out." I am seriously working on volume two. In the process I ran across these sweet greetings I received many moons ago. You all know I'd rather walk on my lips all day long than toot my own horn.... Read more →

my 1000th post

Howdy. It's a lovely bright day here in Alberta and I'm soaking up the sunshine. I hope you are enjoying this fine Friday as well. THIS IS MY 1000th POST on this blog. One might call me verbose, but remember, I'm only verbose in written form. Usually, anyway. I had a birthday. Turned thirty-fourteen. I'm not getting any younger and complained to Gordon that my face falls a bit more everyday. He assures me he'll... Read more →

2010 goals

"Create the kind of life you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement." Foster C. McClellan If you've been reading this blog long, you probably already know that I'm passionate about self-improvement. Part of that is liking a challenge, but the bigger part is I get high on accomplishment. Accomplishments are to me what endorphins are... Read more →

2009 high points

made lots of homemade jam rode my bike to work very often in the spring and summer had a 24 mile bike ride made Roman an I Spy with my Little Eye quilt made Avery a rag quilt read over 60 books started reading the BBC top 100 book list; am reading things I never would have without the list and I am expanding my knowledge in lots of areas took the plunge on volunteering... Read more →

new job

Avery and Beppie, holding hands. Oct 2009 I have a new bookkeeping job and it's been nearly 20 years since I did the bookkeeping thing. So, think tension. But on a lighter note,... Do we all hate job hunting? I'm assuming we do. I do. I hate nearly everything about job hunting, so I'm very thankful that I got the first job I interviewed for. For this interview, I wasn't well prepared. I got home... Read more →

swearing in church

“When I decided to marry Peter and go to the country to live, I had expected to learn new things and meet new people; what I hadn’t expected was to be changed myself in elemental ways by my new environment, not thinking that an environment in itself could change one in any essential way.” Sharon Butala in The Perfection of the Morning; An Apprenticeship in Nature I just finished the above book. That quote jumped... Read more →

feelin' groovy

Happy Monday Folks. If you're keeping track, you know I wasn't around last week. I was very sick with the Norwalk Virus. I thought for sure I was going to throw-up my toenails, but that is probably more detail than you'd hoped for. I try to be open-minded and learn stuff along the way, no matter what the situation. In my sickness I re-learned a few lessons about myself. I am not a fighter. Many... Read more →

25 things about a b'day girl

I had a birthday over the weekend and received many well wishes. It was a good day. This is what was on the kitchen table when I got up on Saturday morning. Recently there has been this "25 things about me" list going around on Facebook. Here's my list. 1. I'm the youngest child in the family. I have a brother and two sisters that I love very much. They are all dysfunctional and count... Read more →

2008 most memorable moments

A few weeks ago someone posed the question what my three most memorable moments in 2008. This was my answer. 1) Becoming a Canadian citizen 2) Crossing the finish line for my first gold medal in dragon boating. 3) My grandson’s face when he got off the plane when he and my daughter came to visit. I would have felt very blessed by any one of these things. Experiencing all three helped create an exceptionally... Read more →

links to some good reading

I have an annoying habit of sending myself emails. Usually they are notes to remind me of something I need to do at work or at home depending on where I sent the email of course. I subscribe to a number of blogs that challenge and encourage me. Through bloglines.com new posts come to me instead of me searching all my favorite blogs looking for updates. We all know how annoying that is. :) Wonderful... Read more →

fushia thong

A few days ago at the gym I had the pleasure of standing behind a fit little thing in the dressing room. As she disrobed she took great interest in her toes. Seemingly she had lots of lint between them and needed to tidy things up. The whole time I changed clothes she was bent over cleaning between her toes. Her thong was fushia and I'd be remiss to not admit she wore it quite... Read more →

thanksgiving 23 - a speaking engagement

Sometimes the changes in me make me stop and wonder, "Who are you, Girl?" I used to be terrified to speak in public. I had to do it on occasion and I covered those times with prayer, fasting, and a good amount of nervous sickness. A few nights ago I had the honor of speaking to a ladies group (Women's Ministry). Amazingly, I wasn't nervous. I often hear what a great sense of humor I've... Read more →

thanksgiving 4

I'm strong in body Yesterday I had the opportunity to help a lady I go to church with. She's recently diagnosed with cancer and is in a lot of pain. She's recently moved into a new house and her kitchen grout was dirty. It was bothering her but she's physically unable to tackle the job. It was a big job but I got her grout clean. I'm thankful for my own health and ability to... Read more →

chinese food

(HanEy and Hannah, 1997) Tonight we went out for Chinese food. Hannah passed off a piece of ginger beef that she thought looked "disgusting." That reminded me of something that happened about ten years ago. We had a Korean teenager living with us and Rachael and Hannah were both babies. After church one day we went to a Chinese buffet. Gordon fixed my plate as I stayed behind putting babies in high chairs. Shortly he... Read more →

butts, big and small

Another Capernwray story. One evening Gordon and I arrived to dinner earlier than the couple we were dining with. We faced different directions as we looked for them. I didn't see them so turned to look in the direction Gordon was looking. As we scanned the crowd, I put my hand on Gordon's butt. Now I realize that in the recesses of my mind I was aware something wasn't quite right. Now I realize that... Read more →


This is a Capernwray story. I wanted to canoe all week, to go to a small islands and look the seals in the eyes. I expected my canoeing expedition to be invigorating and deeply spiritual. My husband however wanted to kayak. So kayak it was. To use the kayaks I had to sit through a brief safety lesson. I had heard it several times with the kids (who had gone tubing, canoeing, kayaking, and speed... Read more →