My last several days consisted of traveling. From Arkansas to North Carolina with my sister Stacie and from there I left with a new (newer) car that I brought to Edmonton. A total of 3100 miles. Arkansas was still green, just beginning to turn colors. Here are some snapshots of the country between North Carolina and home. It was a beautiful drive; very diverse and something new every day.




 The mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Since I was traveling west, I got to watch the sun set every day on a different kind of terrain. It was beautiful each day.

Alberta and Saskatchewan Prairies. When I first moved to Canada I thought they were ugly and lonely looking. I've grown to love them.
Within twenty miles of crossing into Canada I drove into a light snow and 23 degrees F.
Looks colder than the other pictures, eh?
I went through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. It was a nice experience.