My poor mom was a victim of COVID. Although she had asymptomatic COVID at one time during the pandemic, that isn't what I'm talking about. She was a victim of the lockdowns. She was in a facility in Northwest Arkansas where she had enjoyed regular visitors. Mama was very social and all about family. With Alzheimer's, family visits were her best medicine. But when lockdowns were implemented, no one was allowed in to see her. Fortunately, we were allowed to FaceTime with her. She could hardly understand that and sometimes it just confused her more. She cried out for family members up to 12 hours a day, and was often hoarse from the effort. She declined rapidly. By six months into lockdowns, she had fallen twice, breaking a hip each time, she had two hip surgeries, and lost 26 pounds. But still, no family was allowed into the nursing home.... Read more →

a thanksgiving prayer

It's another Thanksgiving Day and a perfect time to express my thanks to you. You have given me an amazingly full life of goodness and grace. Thank you for relationship with you and letting me experience life knowing you. Thank you for the work you've done in my life, for forgiveness, for healing, for the tremendous changes you've made in me. I'm grateful from the core of my being. You've changed me from the inside out and I'll never be able to express my thanks adequately. For the changes you've made in the deepest places of my heart, I'm thankful beyond words. Thank you for Gordon; he is a man of integrity, honesty, kindness and faithfulness. I'm thankful we share similar values and convictions and that he is the daddy to our daughters. I'm thankful for sweet memories I have of him pushing them on the merry-go-rounds, taking them on... Read more →

michael, the farmer

I've been gone. I was negligent. I was overwhelmed. But I'm back, with bells on. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Life is good. My new job schedule is starting to gel and I'm getting the hang of my work. I told Gordon that until my probation is up (3 months) I'm going to be afraid of the boss saying, "this just isn't working." It's never happened before, but this job is the closest thing to feeling out of my league that I've ever had. (That, of course, doesn't count the cake decorating stint where being fired would have been just too cool.) You know how I get all reflective and spend a lot of time navel gazing as each year closes, right? Well, this week I've been thinking about the year and its blessings. I've had a number of blessings this year, but right now I want... Read more →

happy u.s. thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends south of the border. Today may be the last of my Thanksgiving posts. Remember I was posting thanks from Canadian Thanksgiving to US Thanksgiving. So technically that ends today however it is a good practice any time of year. My dad was involved in a car accident on Tuesday. It was a huge deal for him and could have been very serious. He has a lot of soreness but no serious injuries. (Don't tell him I said his injuries weren't serious). 40) I'm thankful he wasn't hurt any worse. This morning before I left to take Deborah to school, a friend dropped by to see the new house. That was cool. She oohed and awed nicely and I was blessed. She offered to take Deborah to school so I had an 41) unexpected hour to sit and be thankful. (Thanks Lydia). I sat there thinking... Read more →

thanksgiving 26-35

Thank you friends and family for your kind regards and patience during my move. Yes, we are in our new house and I absolutely LOVE it. Thanksgiving 26) I am really thankful for the new house. The kitchen is smaller and the pantry is smaller but in other areas it either feels bigger or is bigger. It looks tiny from the outside, but the house is deep. 27) Our movers didn't show up. There was a bit of a mix up and on Saturday morning, moving day, we woke up to NO movers. Gordon rented a truck and he and I moved us entirely by ourselves. Good times. Good times. I'm very thankful that I had the strength needed to do this very big job. "Sometimes my own strength scares me." Click here to find out why I say such a thing. I had visions of Gordon sitting on the... Read more →

thanksgiving 22 - simple decor

I'm thankful for simple beauty. I love things that are simple and beautiful in one little package. Rachael made a cloth pumpkin in home ec class. Now mind you, she hates it and generally hates home ec in general. But I think her little pumpkin is adorable. Everyday this little website sends a pretty picture to my inbox. Usually it's something relatively simple and the pictures nearly always make me smile. Typically I don't look at a lot of home decorating type magazines because I know they could make me feel discontent. (This has often happened. I enjoy home decorating mags but often they wake up a wanting mindset in me that I really don't need to be awakened). However this website, the inspired room, doesn't do that. It just makes me smile and I enjoy the beauty. Labels: thanksgiving Read more →

thanksgiving 15 - 19

15. I’m thankful for this blog. You may think that’s silly, but it’s a wonderful record for my family. I have captured many memories here and those memories are very valuable to me. This blog gives me an outlet and one of my fondest hobbies. 16. I’m thankful for the girls’ schools. They are in good schools – next year they’ll all be in the same school as Deborah moves to Rachael and Hannah’s school. They have caring, supportive teachers and Rachael and Deborah have good friends from good homes. (Hannah doesn’t have the quality friendships that Rachael and Deborah have, but I’ve decided she has made that choice and it doesn’t break my heart like it used to. Hannah and Rachael are best friends and that seems to be enough for Hannah.) 17. I’m thankful for Gordon’s leadership. I think I have the best husband in the world (and... Read more →

thanksgiving 14

Recently a girlfriend from high-school and I re-connected through Facebook. She and I were rebels together and I’m glad that her life simmered down like mine did. Both of us are committed to following God and committed to our families. When I think about who we were as teenagers, I’m very thankful God brought us through those years fairly intact. Furthermore, God gave us good sense to try and train our children to live differently than we did. My kids and her’s have chosen higher paths and I’m thankful to God. Years ago my mom received a “still small voice” Word from God. I believe it was bang on and it comforts and encourages me regularly. (I may get the words all wrong, but I think I’ve got the idea right.) My mom was going through a time of healing and was reflecting on her own parents’ lives and their... Read more →

thanksgiving 11 - 13

I’m in the third week of boot camp, counting the days till it’s over and till I can be just a regular girl going to a regular gym at a regular time of day. This 5:00 a.m. business is really hard. I’m quite tired these days. God is good to me and I have many many things that I’m thankful for and that give me joy day in and day out. 11. I’m very thankful for my job. I couldn’t have found a better job had I tried. The hours are superb for me, the location is superb, my office is superb, what I do is ok. Sometimes I think my employer can’t justify my position and fear the position will be terminated. I hope not but I don’t take it for granted. 12. Boot camp is almost over -- I count the mornings every day. Hang on till next... Read more →

thanksgiving 8

About a week ago one of my neighbors got really upset with me. I did something really stupid, but it wasn't intentional. I pondered how to correct it but was kind of stumped. Yesterday I came home and the neighbor was out. I told him I was really sorry and that I didn't mean for everything to happen. I am so thankful that little experience turned out well. We are back on good terms and as far as I know, there's no ill will between us. Labels: thanksgiving Read more →

thanksgiving 6

Yesterday I was the first one up to welcome Thanksgiving Day. Like I've said before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and the time alone first thing in the morning was a lovely treat. My coffee and I sat in the window taking in fall beauty and peace. I thought of how luxurious my life is. Coffee, a comfortable sofa to sit in while I looked down the street of a Canadian middle class neighborhood. Down the hall my family slept safely, soundly, and comfortably with hardly any cares. All around the world women don't have those simple things that would be nothing short of luxurious to them. I am thankful for the peace in my life, the peace in my home, the peace in my country. Labels: thanksgiving Read more →

thanksgiving - hearing

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s not the festivities that make it my favorite, but rather the spirit of gratitude that it’s all about.Traditionally on Thanksgiving I make a list of things I’m thankful for. The list seems to go on and on. Yesterday I had a brainy idea of sharing individual posts of some of my thanks. I’m beginning today and I’m doing it until US Thanksgiving. After all, I’m both an American and a Canadian. Canadian and US Thanksgiving falls roughly a month a part. In the early days of our marriage I strove to celebrate both holidays in a festive manner. Alas, it was too much effort to facilitate work and school schedules. Now we just celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, but in my heart I celebrate both. Today’s thanks: The Sense of Sound. In the past I’ve under-appreciated the wonder of hearing. I have... Read more →

philippians and thanksgiving holiday

Philippians 1:3 "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." I recently returned from visiting my family in Arkansas. My heart is tender and warm thinking about my time with these special people. Michael and Lawana got the ball rolling getting me down there. When Michael learned that Stacie would be in Arkansas for the holidays, he phoned my dad and my mom to see if they'd join him in paying my way down. Each of them bought a ticket, allowing Rachael, Hannah and me to go. Not only did Michael and Lawana buy a ticket, they also carried most of the work and financial burden of the Thanksgiving meal. Michael made a turkey, ham, pork loin and a brisket. Lawana made vegetables, dressing, and desserts. On different days they took us out for supper. They treated us like royalty while we were there. Truly I... Read more →

happy canadian thanksgiving

Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy. - Jacques Maritain Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. People ask me often if my countries celebrate Thanksgiving the same way. Yes, they do, but it's a bigger deal in the US. In my ideal world, our family celebrates both. Admittedly though, it's unusual for Gordon to have both days off, making it near impossible to celebrate both. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and because of that, I do make a bit of effort to pull off two celebrations. One of our traditions, and one that I look forward to from year to year, is our prayer of thanks before we eat. We go around the table thanking God for the things that mean the most to us. It's simple, but very meaningful. Every Thanksgiving, I set aside some time to write out things I'm most thankful for. I could write for hours about... Read more →


(Our family in 2001. The little guy Stephanie is holding was our foster child, Markie Boy.) Psalm 50:23 "But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me." --Gordon, I'm thankful for Gordon, my husband. We don't always see eye to eye, and sometimes we fight, and sometimes I wish he'd not treat me like a child, ...... But I'm still thankful for him. He is a "family man" and since it's my family, I find that very attractive. He is intelligent, honest, hard-working, an excellent daddy, a good provider, committed and faithful. --My Children, I'm thankful for my children. I have 5. Stephanie and Christopher are my first litter and Rachael, Hannah, and Deborah are my second. Stephanie is 20. Her life turned me to God and I will never get over the impact she had on me. I didn't know it was possible to love so much and... Read more →