My poor mom was a victim of COVID. Although she had asymptomatic COVID at one time during the pandemic, that isn't what I'm talking about. She was a victim of the lockdowns. She was in a facility in Northwest Arkansas where she had enjoyed regular visitors. Mama was very social and all about family. With Alzheimer's, family visits were her best medicine. But when lockdowns were implemented, no one was allowed in to see her.... Read more →

stephanie eulogizes mimi

This is by my oldest child, Stephanie. Mimi. It has only been since becoming an adult that I’ve realized that my childhood wasn’t normal, that the role my grandmothers played in my life was extraordinary and few people have the privilege of having the experiences that are so precious to me. It was a normal weekly occurrence that all my mom's siblings and ALL my cousins would pack my Mimi’s house. After church on Sunday... Read more →

no regrets

Thirty-five years ago today a little bundle just over 8 ½ pounds gushed into my world. My life was changed forever. I was only 19 and had spent nine long months hating my life. Pregnancy was the last thing I wanted, and I was convinced I’d ruined my life. In early pregnancy the thought of an abortion comforted; I imagined it a solution. I received a poem from someone – who knew nothing of my... Read more →

mothers' day blues

I sit on Stacie's porch and enjoy the quiet and beautiful North Carolina nature show. I will sorely miss this quiet-time spot when I go home in a few days. This is a foretaste of heaven. I'm so thankful for the reprieve from real life. It's Mothers' Day. I'm thankful for all the mothers who have positively influenced the way I mother. Mama! I'm thankful for the hurdles she overcame and/or at least wrestled, to... Read more →

thursday thirteen re avery and roman

1. I have a new grand-daughter and can hardly wait to meet her. Avery Claire was born on September 1 and weighed 8.4. She is beautiful and perfectly charming -- all babies related to me are. 2. I will be with Avery and Romie Boy all of October. Isn't that special? I can't wait to play I Spy, have a picnic, bake cookies and go for walks with Roman. We will have so much good... Read more →

stephanie's potato doll

As you know, I've not been on top of the game in my blogging. I regret this, but it's the way it is. I've been thinking about the word busy and have decided I dislike that word. Busy is a crutch word, in my eyes anyway. Busy is the word we use when we need an excuse, when we want to feel important or productive. So to say, "I've been busy," goes against my life-preferences.... Read more →

thanksgiving 7

I had a lovely visit with Stephie Pooh last night. I love to hear her stories of Roman's growth and development and always find a bit of cuteness in her stories of his mischief. Being a grandma sure is different than being the mother. She told me things she's learning and I was pleased to hear of her own growth and maturity as a little homemaker, wife and mother. Why do those things please me... Read more →

war eagle

Last night I was cleaning out my purse and came across the last of my U.S. money from my trip south. When I went I had a small wad of traveler's cheques. About 1 1/2 weeks before I came back home, I used the last one. I had a Visa and a bank card with me, but the spending money was used up. When I gave the cashier lady my last $50 traveler's cheque, she... Read more →


Stephanie and I were looking at panties at the store. I picked up a set of five thongs that had phrases on them. One pair said "kiss me," another said "love me," etc. I pretended that I was buying them for Stephanie. She said, "I don't do panties with messages." When I asked why she said, "Well, if my panties are on that's where they're staying. If they're off, well, that's the message." Read more →

pregnant thoughts

Stephanie recently told me about some of her unrealistic desires and expectations prior to Roman's arrival. I was amused by these as I did the exact same thing with every single pregnancy. I got grandiose ideas of things that had to be done before I could possibly have a baby. Before Stephanie's birth I had to wallpaper above the kitchen cupboards. So at 41 weeks pregnant (she came at 42 weeks) I lumbered up and... Read more →

i am lion. hear me roar.

Stephanie and John Mark had a harvest party at their house last night. Roman was a vicious lion. None of these pictures capture the claw feet. Aren't they a photogenic family? My wonderful son-in-law is a super daddy to this lil' lion. A lovely mom and her cub. Read more →

two lives

I'm having a great time with Stephanie and John Mark and, of course, Romie Boy. Steph, JM and I have laughed lots. Romie Boy is so cute, cuddly, and sweeter than honey. He has definitely charmed this Beppie. Stephanie is a woman, a real woman. Wife, mother, nurse, cook, cleaner,... I'm so thankful that she is able to be home with Roman most of the time. She only works a couple nights a week and... Read more →

stephanie's on a saturday

I'm having a great time in Fayetteville. Christopher is with us now and we are laughing lots and watching lots of football. The guys are on their third football game today. I didn't know three games a day was something people did. But these men are definitely hooked. We had lunch with my sister Diane yesterday. When I mentioned the football enthusiasts to her she said, "Football is like a cult here." A while ago... Read more →

take me out to the ballgame

John Mark is really into sports. I was surprised to learn that Stephanie doesn't particularly like going to baseball and football games. She told me what it's like to go to the games, walking through mud and dirt. It sounded pretty lame and I thought I'd missed the point. For clarity I asked what about the games she doesn't like. Without hesitating she said, "I can't wear cute shoes." Read more →

special breasts

Stephanie is a nursing mom and has learned like all the others who've nursed babies that breast feeding temporarily does things to one's anatomy that one may not like. She told me about someone talking about Angelina Jolie's breasts. Stephanie responded, "I have breasts like that too except my nipples are the size of dinner plates. Read more →

love at first sight

No one can possibly believe how precious Roman is. He is so very very precious. He doesn't mind his Beppie holding him -- so long as he can still see his mommy. Boy oh boy, does he ever love her! All she has to do is look at him and he kicks excitedly and smiles. After supper John Mark held Roman and he fell asleep and slept contentedly in his daddy's arms. It was beautiful.... Read more →

deborah is 8

Today is my baby daughter's 8th birthday. It feels unreal that once upon a time Deborah was not a part of our lives. Nor does it seem that eight years ago today she lay on my chest for the first time. That day was filled with so many wonderful memories. It seems almost poetic that my 14-year-old Stephanie was the first of us to see Deborah draw her first sweet breath of life. Still behind... Read more →


When Stephanie and Christopher were eight and four years old we took a road trip from Cranbrook to Edmonton, a bit of a journey. Along the way we bought treats to keep them occupied. After finishing his treats, Christopher asked Stephanie for a drink. She kindly obliged and he took a hefty drink. With marked annoyance she complained, "Ugh, gross! Look at all that backwash. Who would want this?" Seizing the opportunity, Christopher optimistically piped,... Read more →

granny's last words

My granny died of breast cancer in 1985. The cancer had been untreated for years and her breast were huge and hard as rocks. They were so huge with tumors that they had split open. Her neck was swollen too as the tumors had spread into her throat. She was in horrible pain. She lived in a nursing home and I saw her every day for the last couple months of her life. Stephanie was... Read more →

deep thoughts

Years ago I knew a lady with the reputation of being a "gold-digger." Stephanie knew her too and heard her called that name on occasion. Several years ago Stephanie told me that she always thought that "gold-digger" meant nose-picker. She used to watch this lady hoping to catch her in the act of diggin' for gold - in her nose, of course. Hearing of a paternity suit on the radio today, I was reminded of... Read more →