feeling prosperous - an exercise

I'm reading Julia Cameron's The Prosperous Heart. The assignment it to fill in the blank: I felt prosperous when _______. I felt prosperous when I was newly divorced living on Smith Street. Of course, I've never articulated that thought before. Upon moving in, I quickly began the old house's makeover. For wall paint, I chose pink and blue and it was a lovely, tasteful combination. The blue was called Mirage Blue and it was on... Read more →

august's photo diary

August 2012 photo diary August's photo diary is undramatic, largely because my cell phone is currently my only camera and it takes undramatic pictures, at best. Secondly, August has consisted of lots of cleaning and organizing. 1. Deborah's clean bedroom; she went to Arkansas on August 13 and I cleaned her room that day. I go in there everyday to pray for her. 2. View of the stairs from my recliner. 3. View of my... Read more →

weather and such

This is the thermometer outside my kitchen window and this is what she looks like right now. Two nights ago Edmonton was the second coldest spot on the earth -- a chilly -47 degrees. With the windchill it was -56. Somewhere in Siberia was -48, giving it the #1 coldest title. One thing I love about Canada is how the weather makes us strong. Seriously, Canadians are tough. It was -40 yesterday and church was... Read more →

rachael's "new" bedroom

We finally finished Rachael's bedroom. I was out of "the zone" on this one, biting my nails hoping she'd like it. She does. She actually quite loves it. The "MUSIC" painting above the window was a labor of love from her daddy. She had drawn it in pencil. Instead of painting over it, like I would have done, Gordon carefully painted it. He's so sweet and thoughtful that way. She saw this tree dilly at... Read more →

hannah's bedroom

Here's the finished product of Hannah's room update. As you can see, she's quite the collector. We're pleased with the outcome and looking forward to the little Hannah Banana seeing it. PS Hannah has a thing for animal calendars. There were three on her wall when I started this project and I'm betting she hangs the other two when she settles in. My little Hannah will be home tomorrow. :-) Read more →

renos update

You know I've been busy on my kitchen. This is a picture. Again, nothing elaborate, but definitely much fresher. The color of the wall is "tweed" and it's actually a green/brown. It matches the rest of the house very nicely. Also, I hope in the near future to get new counter-tops. Also, a picture of my newly painted bedroom wall. I only did this treatment on one wall. Yes, our bedroom is as small as... Read more →


Close your eyes... Imagine... Tranquil green meadows, a turquoise lake, melodious songbirds, blue skies, warm sunshine. Awhh. Peace and beauty. Now snap out of that sweet daydream and enter my reality. A full house of furniture shoved haphazardly into two small bedrooms; clothes needed, yet unreachable; library books overdue sitting in a bag in the far corner, right behind the stereo that's on top of the dresser. This is my life this week and perhaps... Read more →


(Our backyard on October 31, 2006) I thought maybe, just maybe, some of my Southern relatives might like to see what my backyard looks like today. Read more →

a re-made bathroom

(Our house on Hastey Street, Mena Arkansas 1985) When Kent and I lived on Hastey Street, we got a man to redo our master bathroom. He was a "professional," yet out of work. He made a royal mess out of it and charged us 2 1/2 times his estimate. To complicate things, the man was a member of our church and a preacher on the side. All the signs were there, but we didn't see... Read more →

bedroom update and turn signals

I've had a busy weekend. Hannah and Rachael went to Winter Camp. We had to fight the weather to get there, but we went and returned today safely. (Hannah and Frodo, 2005) While they were gone, I gave Hannah's room an update. A friend had remarked that Hannah's room was babyish, and that didn't set well with me, so I made it more 9-year-oldish. The whole makeover cost $4. Isn't that amazing? I left the... Read more →