august's photo diary

August 2012 photo diary August's photo diary is undramatic, largely because my cell phone is currently my only camera and it takes undramatic pictures, at best. Secondly, August has consisted of lots of cleaning and organizing. 1. Deborah's clean bedroom; she went to Arkansas on August 13 and I cleaned her room that day. I go in there everyday to pray for her. 2. View of the stairs from my recliner. 3. View of my... Read more →

a homemade christmas

I think these cookies turned out pretty. The reindeer, well, not so pretty. Hannah wanted a new funky bag for the library. This is it. The girls and Gordon do the gingerbread house thing. I just stay out of the way. I like our fabric gift-bags that scream, "we're saving the planet one gift at a time." :-) I don't have pictures of the ornaments I made this year, but trust me, they're cute. The... Read more →

little miss avery's rag quilt

A rag quilt is super forgiving. If you want to try quilting, this is a great type to begin with. Precision is optional {smiles} and that's a whole lot of freedom that most quilts don't allow. Cut 35 seven-inch squares of adorablish fabrics. I used flannel. Cut 35 seven-inch squares for the filling. I used flannel. Cut 35 seven-inch squares for the backing. Guess what?, I used flannel. Cutting the squares is the most laborious... Read more →

i spy with my little eye quilt

First, cut lots of squares out of cool fabrics. Carefully and with much love, sew fabric squares into long rows. With lots of sweet memories and grandmotherly affection, sew the rows together. Iron after each row, thinking "whazat?" as you do. Enjoying the process and hoping for lots of good memories to be made, admire the work thus far. Carefully lay the quilt top on the dining table for all the family to gather around... Read more →


Close your eyes... Imagine... Tranquil green meadows, a turquoise lake, melodious songbirds, blue skies, warm sunshine. Awhh. Peace and beauty. Now snap out of that sweet daydream and enter my reality. A full house of furniture shoved haphazardly into two small bedrooms; clothes needed, yet unreachable; library books overdue sitting in a bag in the far corner, right behind the stereo that's on top of the dresser. This is my life this week and perhaps... Read more →

spirit week

(2006 Crazy Hair Day, Rachael, Deborah, Hannah) It's spirit week at school. My girls have donned some really weird stuff this week. Wacky hair day had Hannah wearing plastic spoons all over her head. Very very weird. Today was pajama day. I made the girls new pajamas for the occasion. Rachael got leopard print, Hannah got cheetah print, Deborah had very bright stripes. They were cute. This afternoon they burst in the back door yelling,... Read more →


(This is THAT quilt, our 10th anniversary quilt. Notice, or don't, how nothing is square.) I joined a quilting group. I thought it just the thing to keep me motivated to finish my anniversary quilt, the one I started for our 10th anniversary and am now hoping to have completed for our 15th. My quilting skills are rugged. Nothing has driven that home to me as succinctly as my first night at the Piecemakers. The... Read more →

bedroom update and turn signals

I've had a busy weekend. Hannah and Rachael went to Winter Camp. We had to fight the weather to get there, but we went and returned today safely. (Hannah and Frodo, 2005) While they were gone, I gave Hannah's room an update. A friend had remarked that Hannah's room was babyish, and that didn't set well with me, so I made it more 9-year-oldish. The whole makeover cost $4. Isn't that amazing? I left the... Read more →

spring robins and line-dried clothes

Spring has arrived in Edmonton, Alberta. I can sit at my desk in the living room and hear the evening lullabies of the chickadees and sparrows through the windows. My favorite bird is the robin. They are family oriented. It's nothing short of inspirational watching the mommy and daddy robin build their nest together. Their teamwork is great. While momma robin goes to fetch material for the nest, daddy robin will sit on the garage... Read more →