This is Charlie. He’s my dog. Gordon is not the father figure Charlie needs. I asked Gordon yesterday what kind of dog we should get next time and he said, “ceramic.” Read more →


I really suck as a mother to teenagers. I'm really, really bad at it. I don't understand how I trained them so diligently to do xyz and now that they're teenagers they don't do xyz. I've been known to pitch hissy fits, I'll admit. But more than fit throwing, I tend to be a melancholy reflector. I sit for hours wondering what I did to make it all go wrong. Why don't they do xyz?... Read more →

a gordon quip

We, as a family, have a tendency to sit right up next to each other in church. I don't know why, nor had I really noticed it until a friend pointed it out. We bunch right up. Every so often when we sit after singing, Gordon will practically be left with nothing but half a chair. The first time this happened, he leaned over and whispered for us to shuffle down. I was surprised thinking... Read more →

church visit

Recently I heard an ad on the radio for a church that sounded fascinating. I wanted to know more. I can't say what I had in mind because it was way on the southside of Edmonton. The ad said - Gordon and I both heard it - that church was at 12:00 - 2:00. Off we went. We started to enter the service when a black man blocked the entrance and said, "What do you... Read more →

he has a nice voice

Yesterday I had a rare treat. Gordon called me at work just to chat. Because I don't often get calls from him, I was mildly disoriented. V: "Gordon?" G: "Yeah, I thought I'd call and to say hi." V: "Awhh. How sweet! You have such a nice voice. If you weren't my husband I'd try to seduce you." G: "If you weren't my wife I'd fall in love with you." Read more →

my summer holiday

This little cabin was home for the week. We've been away on holidays. For the first time ever, we went to Family Camp with almost everyone in Gordon's extended family. Gordon and the girls had a fabulous time; definitely a highlight of the year for them. I crashed and burned and am quite embarrassed by the whole week. I pride myself on being laid-back, easy going, well-adjusted, fun-loving, and a myriad of other positive things.... Read more →

a snug swimsuit

I've been looking for a new swimsuit and the one I like cost $100. The other night we were at my favorite store in the whole wide world, Value Village, a nation-wide thrift store which we've affectionately dubbed VeeBoutique. I looked in the swimsuit section and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a swimsuit almost identical to the one I had my eyes on. Out of breath with excitement, I tried it on.... Read more →

happy father's day

This is my hubby Gordon with our three girls. He's an amazing father. I couldn't have chosen a better father had I tried. I'm very thankful for Gordon and his values. Happy Father's Day, My Love. I never thought about how much a child-in-law would mean to me. I appreciate how John Mark is a good husband to Stephanie. But his being a committed, involved father to Roman (and soon Avery, too) means more to... Read more →

gordon on the breakfast show

My husband was on morning television last week. The Breakfast Show. This is a remarkably poor video. I had to sit in front of the tv with my camera to get it at all. Isn't that pathetic? So watch it, at least some of it. The man on the right is the one I sleep with every night. Hubba hubba. Oh dang, I've got to hurry off now. The doorbell rings -- it's probably the... Read more →

happy anniversary to us

Today is our anniversary. 16 years of bledded wiss and quite a few years of being happily incompatible (note, I don't claim 16 years of happiness). To celebrate the day I wore mascara and lip gloss to work. I'm living dangerously, pulling out the stops. Oh yeah, I also wore White Diamonds perfume. White Diamonds isn't "me" anymore but it's what I wore on our wedding day so I wear it every May 22. Last... Read more →

date night

Last week I read an article about "couple car parties." It sounds kind of kinky, but it's not. With the economic downturn, couples are having to adjust their dating to more thrifty venues. No longer is the nice dinner and movie date financially feasible. Couples are learning to be creative and come up with inexpensive dates. I smiled as I read it because I have fond memories of just that. Gordon and I never called... Read more →

thanksgiving 5 - gordon's financial sense

If you're just tuning in, I'm tracking thankful thoughts from now (Canadian thanksgiving season) till US Thanksgiving. I don't mean to bore you with my trivial thoughts, but it's a good exercise for me and I am quite alert to the goodness in my life when I'm actively thinking thankful thoughts. Today is my 5th entry. Gordon's good financial sense Yesterday we met with a financial type person and she bragged on our financial situation.... Read more →

thanksgiving - gordon

This is a really cool exercise I'm doing. Writing "thanks" as they come to me is making me aware of just how good my life is. Yesterday Gordon phoned and said he would be late for dinner. This is so unusual; he usually comes home right as I'm putting the finishing touches on our meal. Yesterday when he phoned to say he'd be late, I was disappointed that we'd be eating without him. I immediately... Read more →

a little rachael funny

In Arkansas Stephanie reminded me of a Rachael moment I'd forgotten. Rachael was about three and Hannah was two. Gordon rebuked Hannah for something and Rachael got terribly defensive. After Rachael chided Gordon for correcting Hannah, Gordon explained that teaching Hannah to do right was his job as a parent. Rachael responded confidently, "Well you're not Jesus!" Read more →

almost time to go south

I leave for my big trip south tomorrow morning at 4:00 am. While the world sleeps, I'll be standing in a customs line wondering if they'll be nice to me or strip search me. Just joking, I've never been stripped searched - for if that ever happened, I'd never go any where ever again. Tonight Gordon was collecting all my travel insurance papers. As he brought them to me he said, "Now this insurance doesn't... Read more →

sometimes sin feels good

In church yesterday Pastor was talking about finding yourself in the middle of sinful situations and thinking, "This isn't so bad..." His theme reminded me of an incident back when I was a pastor's wife. Gordon had just preached a sermon similar to the one I heard yesterday. In his sermon Gordon said something to the effect of "When sin feels good . . ." An honest person will admit that sin feels good for... Read more →


This is a Capernwray story. I wanted to canoe all week, to go to a small islands and look the seals in the eyes. I expected my canoeing expedition to be invigorating and deeply spiritual. My husband however wanted to kayak. So kayak it was. To use the kayaks I had to sit through a brief safety lesson. I had heard it several times with the kids (who had gone tubing, canoeing, kayaking, and speed... Read more →

holiday pictures and such

Below you'll find lots of photographs from our vacation to the West Coast. Unfortunately it's in reverse order, but hopefully you'll get a feel for what our trip was like. Once we got to Thetis Island, I pretty well didn't pick up the camera again. I'm really bummed about that because I didn't capture more of our actual stay. It was an amazing time and I've got lots of stories to tell. But these pictures... Read more →

sandwiches and gordon

Today as I was making sandwiches for lunch, Gordon took a bite out of two halves. One bite out of half one, one bite out of half two. It was out of character for him so I stared quizzically. He shrugged and said, "What? I'm just marking my territory." Read more →

sleep walkers

Early in the morning I'll be waking the kids and sending them off to Sports' Day. They will be heading out of town with their school for a long day of fun and competition. To prepare, they went to bed early. Around 10:00 this evening, Hannah came to me sleepy-eyed and said, "Mom, shouldn't we be leaving now?" Hannah has a sleep-walking history. I've gone downstairs to fetch her as she wandered around looking for... Read more →

anniversary celebration

14 red roses for 14 years of marriage. We had a wonderful anniversary celebration - the five of us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. On special occasions we have cheap wine that's barely alcoholic. Last night was Deborah's first time to imbibe. She downed her small portion then did a quick perusal of the table. She said, "If anyone doesn't want their wine, I'll take it." It was quite cute. Hannah made a brief... Read more →

happy anniversary to me

Today, May 22, in our 14th anniversary. It's been 14 years of work, compromise, shattered dreams, growing deeper, maturing, and living out convictions. It's been 14 years of repeatedly getting back on track with God and each other after doing it my way; laughing again after days of sadness and bitterness. It seems we spend our lives dreaming of blissful marriages that work really well without requiring us to work. But reality is that a... Read more →