a blind date funny

I just remembered a funny from decades ago. A fellow and I went on a blind date and it wasn't too grand. Tipped off by a few things that indicated it wasn't going to be a fun evening, but, unwilling to hurt the guy's feelings by canceling, I wrangled my friend Edith into joining me in my stupid predicament. Her support meant the world to me. The poor fellow, a soldier just returning from the... Read more →

tribute to debbie

(Debbie in her cute, subtle way promoting breast cancer awareness. 2010) I never thought I'd see the day when I wouldn't be at the funeral of someone so special to me. But as I type this, Debbie's funeral is in progress. Gordon and I debated what to do and concluded we would take the amount it would cost to fly there and put it toward my walk next year in the Weekend To End Breast... Read more →

for pabob

These are the last pictures I'll share from our camping trip to Little Bow. Pabob is the fisherman in my family, so these are especially for him. Click on the pictures to get a closer look at Deborah's face. So sweet. Deborah reeling in her first fish. 2) Getting help from Uncle Tom. 3) She's not exactly comfortable touching it. {Smiles} Read more →

the 10 commandments

Many years ago when Kent and I were dating, we, along with his roommate William, watched The Ten Commandments. To be truthful, I don't remember too much about it. I remember Moses' famous scene standing with his arms outstretched at the Red Sea as the Israelites crossed on dry ground, the walls of water on both sides. (That was an impressive scene). Aside from that, I only remember one other scene. It made an impact... Read more →

moby dick

Today someone mentioned Moby Dick. I cannot hear those words, Moby Dick, without thinking of my friend Nate. Nate was a young friend, a Christian musician who aspired to fame in the Christian music world. He met a lovely young girl and was sure "she was the one." Being married to a band-boy wasn't her dream. She dreamed of a career in marine biology. For a few weeks she was all he talked about. One... Read more →


When I was in junior and senior high, I had an incredible friend named Shelly. She and I lost contact when I moved to Canada and proceeded to lose my mind. When my mind came back, Shelly had moved and I didn't know where. Her husband has a common name and every time I looked him up, there were a bazillion choices. I gave up. We were in a small school (that's a severe understatement)... Read more →

just a hair

I've been painting my kitchen cupboards. Yesterday I had bottom doors drying on the picnic table in the backyard. It wasn't a real smart move as that is one of Lucy's favorite sun-bathing spots. As luck would have it, soon enough I discovered Lucy soaking in the sunshine on top of the cupboard doors. It wasn't a total disaster, just a partial one. The paint wasn't wet enough to get on her, but her stout... Read more →

house for sale

Over the past two weeks, we've toyed with selling our house. We've decided against it. Thinking about selling, I recalled when Kent and I lived on Hastey Street. You may remember the story of the carpenter - I think I called him Ralph in a previous story - we hired to re-do our master bathroom. It wasn't a good experience. Ralph was very, very poor at carpentry. My friend Carolyn was an absolute hoot. Our... Read more →

minty-fresh toilet

"All out of your regular toilet bowl cleaner? Try pouring 1/4 cup alcohol-based mouthwash into the bowl. Let it stand in the water for 1/2 hour, then swish with a toilet brush before flushing. The mouthwash will disinfect germs as it leaves your toilet bowl sparkling and clean." I read this nifty trick this morning and considered running out that very moment to buy mouthwash to clean my toilets. NOT! Isn't mouthwash way more expensive... Read more →


(Rachael, Hannah, Me baking cookies 1999) One of my girls has a friend I'm not particularly fond of. Actually, I don't like her. That's more honest. My daughter isn't all that fond of her either, yet Bertha (aka the friend) considers my daughter her BFF. (That's "best friend forever" for those of you who don't have adolescent daughters.) Bertha is possessive, controlling, rude, and cruel. Although she likes one of my daughters, she's mean to... Read more →


A few days ago Stacie and I were recollecting on school life of so many days ago. We told stories about our old friend Odetta. Odetta was in Stacie's grade, but I claimed her as a friend too. After we talked at length about those days, I got off the phone determined to "look her up." I typed in her first name and the state I'd heard she was in. I found an Odetta and... Read more →

happy birthday debbie

This week my best friend Debbie turns 44. I can hardly believe it. Debbie and I became friends years ago through our husbands. Steve and Kent were best friends, so after Kent and I married, she and I were sort of forced into friendship. Truthfully, I tolerated her at first. She was too forceful for my taste. On occasion I called her a Yankee and I didn't mean it nicely. (She's from Iowa, and Iowa... Read more →


My dear, dear friend Debbie had breast cancer and subsequently has to visit her doctors often. This week her doctor did his touchy-feely routine on her breasts yet again. Anxious to confirm there were no new lumps, she asked, "Do they feel good?" The difference in Debbie and me is that she can immediately laugh at herself. I have to emotionally recover first. That recovery has taken anywhere from two hours to 25 years. Debbie... Read more →