I'm sure you all well remember that I'm a basket case in my own appealing way. Which reminds me of the sitcom from the '80's called Designing Women. Once Julia went to bat for a demented woman -- I don't remember the details -- but in the end Julia got in someone's face in a polite genteel sort of way by declaring, "Here in the South, we are puh-roud of our crazy people." My family... Read more →

deborah's poem

This morning I found this poem that Deborah wrote. My favorite part is at the end where it's dedicated to her family. If I had a dream If I had a dream full of riches or I had a dream with underwater fishes If I had a dream I'd make it come true, but I'd rather be hear with you. If I had a wish in a far away land I'd throw it away cause... Read more →

seniors' home

One of the most beautiful parts of our week is going to the seniors' home on Saturdays. Deborah, Hannah, and I volunteer in the dementia/Alzheimers' area. It is a glorious experience. We look forward to it every week and are smiling when we leave. We read to, play games with, and talk to the residents. This little lady has taken a liking to Deborah and they walk and walk and walk around the wing. She... Read more →

a deborah update

Deborah participated in the Valentines' Day Hair MassaCURE to raise funds for cancer research. This picture is taken on the first day of the hair dye. Here the dye is fading. Not much longer and I'll have my little blondie back. :-) This week is Historica Fair at school. Deborah is a pioneer. Her report is on our city's founding father. Isn't she a fine looking pione er? Read more →

deborah's recital

Perhaps you recall that one of my 2009 goals is to post regularly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope you've noticed so far, so good. Tuesday evening Deborah had a piano recital. I videoed her at the recital but I couldn't capture her face. I videoed her at home too and captured her sweet little face and hands. It's a sweet video of my little musician. She plays four songs. The last one is... Read more →

christmas eve

The evening began with a service at church where Deborah sang. Then home to supper in the family room. Christmas Eve is the only time of year we eat here. A lovely little clan enjoying sausage, cheese and crackers. Bear loves the sausage especially. Next is stocking time. Panties are a stocking staple, especially if the panties have turtles on them. Hannah is 12. Everyone loves the cracker crowns. Rachael is 13. Daddy and 9-year-old... Read more →

picture roulette

I got an interesting challenge from today: Go to your pictures, open the 5th folder and post the 5th picture in the folder. It's cool how for me that was a Christmas folder. This is 2005 when each girl got a hamster for Christmas. Have I mentioned Hannah bought two guinea pigs a few months ago? When we moved to this house she decided to take them to the SPCA to give them to someone... Read more →

a note from deborah

This was in my email inbox this morning: Hi, mom you are the best mom in the world! Thank you for making sure I was o.k. when I had that nightmare! I hope Jesus comes before you die! I just wanted to say thank you for being sooooooooooooooooooooooo good to me LOVE DEBORAH I LOVE YOU! She's a sweet Dear. Labels: deborah Read more →

deborah's baptism (thanksgiving 38)

Our little Deborah was baptised Sunday. She was so excited to take this step. Her daddy baptized her, which I think made it even more special. She gave this "testimony" before her baptism: "I remember when I invited God into my heart and asked for forgiveness. It felt like he was in the room with me, it was a very good feeling. I remember before I invited God into my heart, I was afraid that... Read more →

dvd and debs

Last night we stopped at Walmart and Gordon and Hannah ran in while Rachael, Deborah and I sat in the van. A family came out and got in the car beside us. As they drove away we saw they had a dvd player and the kids were watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. Deborah got excited and asked, "Mom, would you like it if we had a dvd player in our van?" "Well, actually I think... Read more →

thanksgiving 20 - poetry by deborah

This is a little poem to me from my little Deborah. I'm thankful that my kids love toying with writing and poetry and such. Babies by Deborah Babies babies Little ladies Cute as can be! Soon they’ll turn to kids so happy And sometimes you’ll have to be kind of snappy. You’ll be so sad when they leave I know that you will have to grieve. When they come to your house They’ll be wearing... Read more →

thanksgiving - deborah's sweet spirit

Deborah's sweet spirit A few days ago I was having an off day. I was tired and cranky and slightly overwhelmed with things I needed to do. Everyone was trying to stay out of this grumpy woman's way. Everyone but Deborah. She was very concerned for me and hung around seeing if there was anything she could do to ease my irritability. "Mama, would you like me to _______." "Would it help if I did... Read more →

a note from deborah

I'm missing my Canada family lots. I've talked to the girls everyday since I got here. It's my first time to be away like this since they've become adept on the telephone. Now they call a couple times a day. Deborah told me today that she's counting the days till I come home. I'm a very torn woman when it comes to my children. How I wish they all lived within a few miles of... Read more →

a sweet tuck-in

On Monday I said goodbye to the girls as I tucked them into bed. I knew I'd say it again at four in the morning but was afraid they wouldn't remember it. When I got them all tucked in, I did some last minute packing. Deborah got up several times to ask me to go to bed so she could tuck me in. I did. I got in bed and she came in and pulled... Read more →

almost time to go south

I leave for my big trip south tomorrow morning at 4:00 am. While the world sleeps, I'll be standing in a customs line wondering if they'll be nice to me or strip search me. Just joking, I've never been stripped searched - for if that ever happened, I'd never go any where ever again. Tonight Gordon was collecting all my travel insurance papers. As he brought them to me he said, "Now this insurance doesn't... Read more →

loss of mind

Over the past weeks I've joked with Rachael that she's lost her mind. Once a child of reason and common sense, now it seems her mind has flown the coop. She has ideas that are so out of touch with who we are and what we do. Hence the expression, "Honey you've lost your mind. Let me do your thinking until your mind comes back." Depending on her mood, she may or may not laugh... Read more →

voice of reason

Rachael is an adolescent now and this has brought challenges our way. She's in a new school and doing famously, if you're not the parent. From another person's perspective, she might look like she's excelling, but from my perspective, she's not really comfortable in her own skin. She's always been confident and level headed. Now she's hung up on looks, being liked, etc, etc. Her teacher told us last week that she's the queen bee... Read more →

crabs and tsunamis

When we arrived on the West Coast we spent our first night at a town called White Rock. We walked the beach and the long pier. Deborah and I were holding hands as we walked. She entertained and sought comfort for two fears: giant crabs and tsunamis.(Interesting how just a few years ago we didn't know anything about tsunamis.) I assured Deborah that it was impossible for a powerful tsunami to hit White Rock because... Read more →

moving mountains

On our holiday we visited a major rock slide, Frank Slide. The slide happened a hundred years ago and still looks like it did back when it buried the town of Frank. Sobering, but very fascinating. I was reading some information about the slide to the kids. I read that the Natives never settled there because they referred to Turtle Mountain, the mountain that "slid", as the "mountain that moves." They called it that long... Read more →

deborah is 8

Today is my baby daughter's 8th birthday. It feels unreal that once upon a time Deborah was not a part of our lives. Nor does it seem that eight years ago today she lay on my chest for the first time. That day was filled with so many wonderful memories. It seems almost poetic that my 14-year-old Stephanie was the first of us to see Deborah draw her first sweet breath of life. Still behind... Read more →


"Mom, I know another word for information. Data," Deborah told me a few days ago. She'll be eight next week and she incorporated her new word into her birthday invitation to her friend: "Dear Kalyna, I am inviting you to go swimming with me on Saturday. We are going swimming and then out to eat and then you'll sleep over, and then we'll watch a movie, and then we'll go to church in the morning.... Read more →

deborah and the ravens

I've been known to use the Bible as a weapon with my kids. When they've been disrespectful, mean, or unkind I've quoted from Proverbs. I heard long ago that we shouldn't use the Bible as punishment so I think I've stopped just short of that. But I've used it to put the fear in them. A few weeks ago Deborah said something snitty and disrespectful. I asked her what the Bible had to say about... Read more →