i love not camping

This week will be a quiet week. A quiet week sounds really good. Gordon and Deborah have gone camping. Rachael isn't here and Hannah is laying low. Camping. Oh the bliss of not being there! I have camped myself into a hope-to-never-camp-again mode. We are old fashioned campers. We don't have a camper or recreational vehicle of any kind. We use good old fashioned tents and sleeping bags. For years, we camped every summer simply because it was all we could afford. Those were good times and I've lots of great memories. When Deborah was a newborn, 6 days old having arrived by c-section, we went camping. Yes, that is admirable. Perhaps slightly stupid, it illustrates my devotion to family camping trips. 2004, Pembina River Before my hysterectomy, we went camping in Saskatchewan for what was supposed to be 12 days. My medical needs dictated we come home on day... Read more →

for pabob

These are the last pictures I'll share from our camping trip to Little Bow. Pabob is the fisherman in my family, so these are especially for him. Click on the pictures to get a closer look at Deborah's face. So sweet. Deborah reeling in her first fish. 2) Getting help from Uncle Tom. 3) She's not exactly comfortable touching it. {Smiles} Read more →

camping at little bow

Unfortunately, this is not our way of camping. Humble as it is, our camping looks more like this. We met our friends the Loszchuks and enjoyed another good camping trip with them. Taken on my bike ride at sunset. Jerrod and Uncle Tom took Deborah fishing with them. She caught this fish, a walleye, I think, but she didn't want to hold it for the picture. After a little coercion, she agreed to hold up its fin. Tom cooked it in beer and it was delicious. Deborah turned 11 while we were there. Our little trek to the lake. Deborah and me, swimming in what felt like glacier water. Fortunately by afternoon it was much warmer. Our lake is way in the distance. See it? I loved this view. When I first moved to the prairies, I felt exposed and vulnerable. The terrain made me feel lonely. Now I love... Read more →

canoeing mishap

First off, this is not me in this picture. However, when I saw it I was instantly reminded when something similar, perhaps worse, happened to me. We were camping in Saskatchewan. We had a lovely beach. Sunsets were idyllic, somewhere between romantic and spiritual. The setting was amazing. Gordon rented a canoe. I anticipated our family canoe trip around the lake at sunset. Finally sunset was upon us just as Gordon pulled the canoe to shore for us to board. After all the girls were clad in the life jackets, Gordon got them situated just so, making strides to distribute the weight proportionately. Problem 1: There ain't no way the weight distributes evenly in this family. After the girls was seated safely, Gordon took his place. At the time I wondered why he sat before me, but now I realize it was the continuation of the aforementioned effort to distribute... Read more →

home from camping

We just returned from our first camping trip for the summer. We went about an 1 1/2 hours out of the city. Good friends from Calgary met us on the second day of our stay and we had a great time camping side by side. Our kids played gloriously well together; the weather was beautiful; the campsite was wonderful; the beach was lovely and clean. Other than one drenching wet night, it was perfect -- and even rain seems kind of cool when it breaks the routine and the heat. We had great meals and we adults had stimulating conversations while the kids played. Admittedly, Gordon and Tom are MUCH bigger talkers than Christine or me, so she and I had to endure lots of conversation that was slightly on the boring side. But, I knocked off two novels as they talked, and that was fun for me. On the... Read more →

camping 2006

We just returned from a camping trip. When we left the city, our van was burgeoning with camping supplies for the week. We were a sight, I am sure. The top of the van carried supplies; the bikes rode precariously on the bike rack; one seat of the van was removed and replaced to full capacity with our week's livelihood. Lucy, green with motion sickness, was on my lap hanging out the window, her long ears blowing in the wind. We were only a few steps behind the Beverly Hillbillies. As Lucy's Dramamine took over, her need for fresh air was replaced with a need for a snooze. She clamored off my lap, and with much effort found a sleeping spot under the girls' feet. Once she was settled, Gordon looked over at my side of the van which wore a furry film. He took it in for a few... Read more →