home on the sunshine coast

It's been so long since I wrote. Stacie visited and while here encouraged me to start writing again. She was referring to the days of blogging when I had so much to say. At that time, there were stories that hadn't been told and kids that were adorable, innocent, and filled with delight. So much water under the bridge since then. Not to mention the years of full-time work that took me away from the... Read more →

apple place

We put our St. Albert house on the market. I can't say that I hate to leave this house; it is filled with some really tough memories, but there are some good ones, too. I will miss my backyard. It has been my sanctuary through many a weekend. It's a smaller backyard, but it is low maintenance and easy to enjoy. And I've enjoyed it enormously. The whole time we've lived here I've wanted a... Read more →

big news

We have big news. We are moving to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Gordon took a job there. We have a bit of history out there, as we went there for our honeymoon. I was in a bad place emotionally on our honeymoon, so I can't say I remember much of the Sunshine Coast. Gordon leaves soon and I will stay here until the house sells. It's an exciting adventure. Here are some pictures... Read more →