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atlas pinches and hides

mandatory masking

Like many others, I think things are amiss with COVID 19. It is not that I do not think it exists, of course it exists. It is how it Mask

has been handled that I have issues with. There are many things that arouse suspicion with respect to its handling:

  • Conflicting information from the “experts”
  • Radical advice reversals from the “experts”
    • Masks will not help --> We must wear masks.
  • It has been politically advantageous to the Democrats as it was another thing to lay at President Trump’s feet.
  • Crackdowns on conservative groups (churches) that met, but BLM riots were left unhindered, even praised by some politicians.
  • Quarantining the healthy
  • Devastating the economy
  • Censorship of information. The doctors and scientists who offered opposing viewpoints were silenced. Social media posts expressing unpopular COVID opinions were removed.
  • The misleading numbers. Yes, cases are up because testing is up.
  • COVID being listed untruthfully as the cause of death on death certificates.
  • The lockdowns have been a deathblow to many people. Lockdowns killed my mother.
  • The forced withholding of the Holy Eucharist.

Adding to those concerns, which I think are significant, I have some fundamental problems with mandated masking. I do not have a problem with people masking of their own free will. I am happy for everyone who wants to wear a mask to wear a mask. It is the mandate that I struggle with.

Hiding the image of God

I’ve been pondering 2 Corinthians 3:18, “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord who is Spirit.” My Bible has a footnote at the word contemplate that says “reflect.” Substituting that word, that part of the verse would read, “we . . . who with unveiled faces reflect the Lord’s glory.”

We are made in the image of God and it is our face that reflects His image to the world. Everyone bears the image of God on their faces. Requiring the image of God be covered is my greatest problem with mandated masking.

Masks dehumanize interactions

We used to be comfortable chatting with others at the grocery store, now it is a “risk” to be avoided. I have avoided speaking to the elderly because between my mask and their mask, conversation is terribly difficult. The worst part of that intentional ignoring is that I cannot even give them a friendly and caring smile because it is hidden behind a mask.

Faces are our most recognizable feature, and they reveal our essence better than anything. Faces are almost critical in getting to know another and in being known. When our faces are masked, a lot of our essence, our humanity, is also masked.

Anonymity should not be the norm

I have never robbed a bank, but I know that wearing a mask is important for the job. There is a reason the Lone Ranger wore a mask – to conceal his identity, of course. When we mask, we are not totally concealing our identity, but we have made a leap in that direction. I read that it would take a kidnapper less than two minutes to make a girl unrecognizable to her parents, provided the girl was wearing a mask. Put her hair in a baseball cap and throw boy clothes over her clothes. The mask made the feat incredibly easy.

My point is that masks masks our identity. That is not an okay place to live. We have all seen the grossly insulting comments on public Facebook pages. There is no accountability when we are hiding behind a computer screen; people are emboldened to be their worst selves. Anonymity allows the dark side of people to thrive. When we are not easily identifiable our lower natures creep up.

Recently I was in a public situation where I was uncharacteristically rude and inconsiderate. After I was rebuked by a stranger, who was equally rude and inconsiderate, I was embarrassed and slightly horrified by my behavior. At the time I thought maybe I was in a partial daze because my mom had just died, and maybe there was some of that in there, but I also think my standard was lowered because I was behind a mask. I was relieved to be absorbed into a crowd because I knew, thanks to my mask, he was not going to be able to pick me out of a crowd. And I was not going to pick him out of a crowd either.

I feel a little dead inside when I mask

That sounds dramatic and funny both. But something changes in me when I mask. I do not feel like I am getting enough air and my breathing is simply not normal. I search out empty aisles in the store to pull my mask down just to get my breathing rhythm back on track. Masks make my face terribly hot, adding to the breathing problem. My glasses fog. Soon after donning my mask, my emotions begin sinking. I start feeling “blue” and thick-headed. I feel pure relief when I take the mask off.

I feel these physical sensations of constraint and unease so distinctly that I can 100% say that my best self is suppressed. Is the suppression of our best selves good for our world? I cannot believe it is.

Bad omen for the future

As I said in the beginning, the handling of COVID has been suspicious. Because of the reasons I outlined, I am distrustful of any “expert” on COVID. There are people and causes that stand to profit by the prolonged COVID fearmongering. Having read a little on the Great Reset, I see that keeping COVID in the forefront of everyone’s mind is advantageous to the Great Reset’s materializing. And what better way to keep it in the forefront of our mind than mandatory masking? It’s something to consider.


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