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thursday thirteen, arkansas sweetness

lily sweetness

Lily, my goodness, how I love this girl. We're moving back to Alberta and I swear my only reservation about it is leaving her. Lilyb
Thinking about leaving her makes me queasy and sad.

In April I was laid off at work and that has worked wonderfully because I've been able to keep Lily. My last summer on the Sunshine Coast and we are making lots of memories. I'm thankful for this time.

This post is to remember some of her sweetness.

  1. I have a small pink washcloth that was a gift from one of our Japanese exchange students. It's Lily's favorite. She asked if she could have it when I die.
  2. Mike, her dad, accidently spun out of the driveway one day when he dropped her off. She said, "That's the spirit, Dad."
  3. When taking her to Mandy's house for the first weekend after Buddy's birth, she told me to call her if anything went wrong with Buddy.
  4. I bought her a dress that she calls her "special dress." She wants to wear it to special places; the West Sechelt Elementary Carnival, Strong Start preschool days, Buddy's birth, and church.
  5. Soon after Buddy was home from the hospital, I asked if she wanted to hold him. She shyly nodded no and said she was afraid she'd hurt him. "Remember that time I broke that cup?"
  6. One day as we were driving past a bus she said, "I'm glad one of my grandpas is the boss of the buses." That, of course, would be Gordon she's referring to.
  7. One day she was studying my hand with its wrinkly skin, and said, "You're old enough to die, aren't you?"
  8. When she goes to church with me, her genuflect is a curtsy. 


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