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IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 After 4 1/2 years on the Sunshine Coast, we are heading back to Alberta. This time we're going to the southeast corner of the province, where we've never lived. I'm excited. Alberta got in my bones and I never knew it. I LOVE Alberta. 

British Columbia is very beautiful, but it's not the kind of beauty where I feel most at home. Of course, I couldn't have known that, much less articulated, had I not lived there.

In BC, things are wild and untamed. Our backyard was so extraordinarily beautiful, but bamboo might shoot up overnight. We had to stay right on top of it or it would quickly get out of control. 

Alberta is tidy and tame in comparison. While living in BC, I learned how much I appreciate tidy and clean. Straight roads, open spaces, nice flat yards, long drives, prairies, and perhaps more than anything, the Alberta culture. It's very different from BC culture. I fit much better in Alberta's culture. Someday I will try to unpack that. Right now it's just something I know. I haven't unpacked what it means exactly.

We have a beautiful home here. It's the view that sold us on it though. Gordon so loves the view. I love it too, but I think Gordon loves it more. Soon after we moved here, I'd always smile driving home seeing the ocean so beautifully below us. It felt like a fairy tale in the beginning.

Rachael and Hannah left the Coast less than a year after we moved there as there wasn't much there for them. Once they left, and especially when Hannah and Darian started their family, Alberta seemed to be calling us.

Gordon set his sights on a job in SE Alberta and eventually got it. He leaves in August to begin work there. I will stay here until this house sells. It's another part of this journey of life. I'm happy to be going back to Alberta, but I'm thankful for our short time in BC. It's been an adventure and much good came out of it. 

















IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004 IMG_1004


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