mother's day, from deborah

responding to insult

Earlier this week I was badly insulted by someone. Instead of responding, I offered it up to Jesus. But the hurt persisted and I kept asking God for the grace to get beyond the hurt and for guidance on how to offer it up to him better. After some extended time wrestling, I received a little insight.

Blessed Mom loved Jesus so much and so perfectly that at the foot of the cross, he was all that was on her mind. He occupied all of her thoughts. Her love for him was so great that there was no room for resentment in her heart toward his disciples who forsook him or those who were crucifying him. All her thoughts were directed to him.

As I love Jesus more and more, I will be able to forget myself more and offer things up more purely. The more perfect my love for him, the less impact insults and inequality will have on me. 


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