2018 successes and highlights
adoption day

2019 goals and such


  • Yip, Yip published
  • Spend prayer time every month on specific people (January: Sandy; February: Paul; etc)
  • Eat low carb and no whites
  • Pay credit line down to $5000
  • Almost finish Bachelors Degree, maintain a 4.0 GPA
  • Focus on growth in fortitude, patience, and temperance
  • Finish Bible Timeline study at church
  • Read more in the evening and Facebook less
  • Keep 3:00 prayer break
  • No snacks between meals at work
  • Park at Mall so I get more walking in every day.
  • Spiritual reading at noon
  • Embrace femininity more, for example, wear dress pants to Mass.
  • Keep Tuesday adoration habit
  • Things I was believing in faith would happen in 2018, but didn't, I'll carry over to 2019:     
  • 1. more crypto seed money,  
  • 2. D repent and turn to righteousness,        
  • 3. G come into the Church,       
  • 4. H take faith seriously,         
  • 5. S & J into Catholic Church           


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