thursday thirteen
2019 goals and such

2018 successes and highlights


  • Focused on growth in virtue, holiness, humility and fortitude. I definitely grew in those areas.
  • I navigated executrix-ship of Daddy's estate pretty well. Probate closed and my siblings and I are still in good relationship.
  • Daddy blessed us financially. Thank you, Daddy. I wish I had thanked you when you were still living, but we all know you were weird about money and may have taken my thanks wrong. I write that smiling because it was so true. Once he hinted to me about the money I was getting and I pretended I didn't hear him because I knew anything I said could backfire. I relived that conversation so many times after he died wishing I had said thank you.
  • Doubled my investment in Bitcoin and got out before it plummeted. I'm still sitting on some, but I did withdraw my original investment plus 100%. Was able to give a significant amount to charity and a significant amount to some loved ones.
  • Settled into my new, very mediocre job. 
  • A month-long 25th Anniversary Mediterranean Cruise. Wow! What an experience.
  • Was faithful to my Tuesday after-work adoration commitment.
  • Yip, Yip is in production.
  • Working on my degree through University of Arkansas. They accepted all my previous credits. To date, I have a 4.0.
  • Cleaned up this blog.
  • Michael came (gloriously) into the church. He's serious about it; studious and committed to growing in virtue and holiness.
  • Rachael and Kyle got engaged.
  • Darian and Hannah welcomed Ambrose Basil into the family.
  • Stephanie and John Mark are in the process of adopting three kids. Sydnie, Landon, Rylie will bring their children to 8.
  • Rachael and Kyle are taking RCIA seriously.
  • Hannah is in RCIA.
  • Jessica received an inheritance from her grandmother. 
  • Maintained my spiritual lunchtime routine.
  • Prayerful morning routine. I have lots of prayer in my life.
  • Got brow micro-blading done and I love it.
  • Continued devotion to Miraculous Medal and Brown Scapular.
  • Affection for Saints Anthony, Francis, Rita and Faustina continues to grow. I've had special favors from each one.
  • Lots of emotional healing that has allowed me to not easily be controlled and manipulated by a loved one. Thank you, Lord.
  • I love Jesus so much more since becoming faithful to the Rosary. 
  • Recognition of my vocations of prayer, generosity, and bringing (helping) others into the Church.
  • Healed relationship with a special couple in my life.
  • Hospice volunteering. I had two amazing end-of-life stories. 1. B. was unresponsive for days, but when I talked to her about the mercy of God, she grabbed my hand. (I expect to see her again in Heaven.) 2. As S. was dying, I encouraged his wife, F., to lay beside him. He had been unresponsive, but when she laid beside him he turned his head toward her and died a few minutes later. 
  • Sat with a number of dying patients. I always prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for them, remembering what Jesus told St. Faustina about praying it at the bedside of the dying: when they say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person, not as the just Judge but as the merciful Savior (Diary, 1541).
  • Gordon tiled the patio and we put IKEA chairs out there. It made all the difference and it's lovely. I spend my prayer time there every morning.
  • Became more appreciative of my guardian angel and St. Michael the Archangel.
  • Wednesday Date Night. We always go to Gibsons so our date is longer.
  • Divine Office of Readings and Morning Prayer has become part of my morning routine. That's the liturgical prayer for the Church.
  • Got a used Toyota Avalon.


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