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It is 2018. I have not done a Thursday Thirteen since 2012. I just reread some of my old ones and was impressed with how they allow a graceful catch up. So, in the spirit of catch up, here we go.

1. After coming back from Arkansas for an extended stay last year, I was hired as a business coordinator at my present job. I enjoyed the work and it looked like a promising move. While we were on holidays in April, everything changed. People were hired and fired with abandon, it seemed. I came back to work at what seemed like a different company. My whole job shifted enormously, and I was basically nothing more than a receptionist – an un-busy receptionist. I began to loathe the job because it was so boring. A few weeks ago, I was brought onto the sales team. I have a very small territory, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve always thought I couldn’t sell to save my life, but after six months of being bored silly, I welcomed the opportunity. I’m excited to see what the next bit of my professional journey looks like.

2. I’m back in university – online. I hope to finish in February 2020. It will be 32 years in the making.

3. We have an empty nest and I'm happy as can be about that. Deborah is kind of a come-and-go child. I don’t know how long it will last, but the nest has been empty for a year, with a bit of come and go going on.

4. Stephanie and John Mark are in the process of adopting three children. That will give them a total of eight children. Can you imagine being a family of 10? I actually cannot. But if there is a family that can pull this off, it's them. I’m so proud of who they are. I look forward to getting well acquainted with my new grandchildren.

5. Hannah and Darian welcomed a little boy into their family on July 20. Little Ambrose Basil shares a birthday with his aunt Rachael. He is the chunkiest bundle of love and so cute.

6. His big sister Holly turns two this month. I just realized I’ve not shared anything about her on this blog. I must do that!! She has absolutely stolen my heart and I adore her.

7. Gordon and I have started a Wednesday night tradition of going to Gibsons. When we decided to start formalizing date night, the only criteria was that it be in Gibsons so we’d have to go for a drive to get there, extending our time together. We’ve come to look forward to date night. I always order halibut and Gordon always orders bbq ribs. No, we aren’t creatures of habit, not at all. It’s like going to Cheers where everyone knows your name – but they don’t know our name, they just know what we’ll order. It’s fun!!

8. Rachael and Kyle are getting married in April of next year (2019). I’m proud of them. They have a chaste relationship, they didn’t even kiss until they were engaged. I’m so thankful for the work God has done in Rachael’s life. She’s done a complete 180 since her teenage years. I’m so grateful.

9. Teenage years - just typing that made a lump appear in my throat. Teenage years – will I ever be able to think about them without a lump instantly forming, without my gut suddenly feeling tense, without tearing up? One thing I know and know well, God makes good come out of everything. As Stephanie says, God makes all things right. I know my kids’ troubled years will reap a harvest of good, somehow. I’m anxious to see what it will be.

10. Jessica – she’s another one that I’ve not mentioned here. Jessica is a “chosen daughter”. I met her six months after we moved here. It didn’t take long to figure out that our basement suite was for her and she’s lived downstairs for over two years. She is just “part of the family” I figure she’ll always be – unless some fellow steals her from us. But that would be cool too. She is 42, but she seems lots younger. I’m glad she’s “ours”.

11.Lily Belle. Yet another huge part of my life that I’ve not mentioned. Lily is four and I couldn’t love her more if she were my blood grandchild. She came into our lives right after we moved here when Hannah started babysitting her. Hannah told me over the phone that I was going to adore Lily and she knew what she was talking about. Lily and I became close quickly. Now, as often as her family will share her, I’ll take her. I love, love, love Lily.

12. I know God probably brought us to BC for a myriad of reasons. But the two that I’m most thankful for are Jessica and Lily.

13. Deborah is still in BC, struggling quite a lot. We see her when she’s got nothing better to do. She has a love / hate relationship with us. Sometimes she loves us, sometimes she hates us. I’m thankful she’s still in touch. My greatest fear is totally losing her – literally not knowing where she is. I ask Sts. Monica and Rita, both mothers of wayward children, to pray for her with the same fervor they prayed for their own. And I ask for God’s great mercy upon her.


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