2018 successes and highlights

2018 Focused on growth in virtue, holiness, humility and fortitude. I definitely grew in those areas. I navigated executrix-ship of Daddy's estate pretty well. Probate closed and my siblings and I are still in good relationship. Daddy blessed us financially. Thank you, Daddy. I wish I had thanked you when you were still living, but we all know you were weird about money and may have taken my thanks wrong. I write that smiling because it was so true. Once he hinted to me about the money I was getting and I pretended I didn't hear him because I knew anything I said could backfire. I relived that conversation so many times after he died wishing I had said thank you. Doubled my investment in Bitcoin and got out before it plummeted. I'm still sitting on some, but I did withdraw my original investment plus 100%. Was able to give... Read more →