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my eucharistic miracle

HostThis time last year, I was selling insurance and hating it. I asked Gordon what he thought about me going part-time and he was opposed to it. On the Sunshine Coast, there's definitely not an abundance of jobs to choose from. I lived for weekends and most nights I went to bed with dread at having to go to work the next day. After Gordon said no way to my going to work part-time, I sank to despair.

I recalled the woman who was healed of her bleeding by touching the hem of Jesus's garment. I prayed something to this effect: "Jesus, I can hardly bear the thought of spending the next 15 years in this job. You can fix my heart and take away this loathing. Tomorrow at Mass, I will touch so much more than the hem of your garment. I beg you to help me. I'm sinking."

During communion the next morning, I took the Blessed Sacrament and instead of immediately putting in in my mouth, I said, "Jesus, I'm touching so much more than the hem of your garment. Please help me." Then I consumed the host. I felt no different, but I went back to my pew, knelt and continued to express how much I needed a new mindset. Later in the day I noticed I wasn't feeling the incredible Sunday afternoon and evening dread that I usually felt thinking about work. The next day I went to work and almost enjoyed it. Over the next few days, I realized there were a few things about the job I was starting to enjoy. Days and weeks passed and I found myself liking the job more and more. Not actually loving it, but definitely enjoying some aspects of it.  God had given me my first Eucharistic Miracle.


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