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IMG_0392 IMG_0405In March, we left the Edmonton snow and flew to Tampa to catch the Norwegian Sun for a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise. 

Our first port of call was Roatan Bay, Honduras. We took a catamaran about 30 minutes out to sea to snorkel. (I have to admit, I was uneasy as the waves were big enough to keep the others from my view at times). After snorkeling, we were treated to a Honduran picnic on the boat. It was roughly 400 degrees in the shade. We burned badly even though we used sunscreen. After showering, we went back into town to shop. The high-pressured sales removed all browsing enjoyment for me. Gordon bought some gifts and I bought a Christmas ornament to commemorate the trip, because, well, every trip needs a commemorative Christmas ornament. 

Our second stop was Belize City, Belize. We went zip-lining in the rain forest and, surprisingly, I wasn't even scared, and cave tubing. I liked cave tubing; it was beautiful and the water was clean and clear. 

Our third excursion was to the 2500 year-old Mayan Ruins of Costa Maya, Mexico. That was fascinating. On the drive back to the ship, our driver stopped and got us fresh pineapple sprinkled with chili pepper. Amazingly, it was delicious.

Our last port of call, and the one I liked the most, was Cozumel, Mexico. We rented scooters and toured the island, driving right beside the water a lot of time. I couldn't help smiling as the salty, ocean mist touched my face and lips. I bought a colorful tablecloth for $45. Gordon got stopped by a policeman for speeding. They struggled through a language barrier and Gordon eventually got free without a ticket. 

IMG_0365 IMG_0411Evenings on the boat were lively. We danced, watched a few live shows, ate well, and watched sunsets. We went to a Karaoke Bar and Gordon thoroughly entertained me by dancing and singing to Huey Lewis's "I Need a New Drug." He's an amazing dancer and can cut loose with amazing rhythm. His second song was Margaritaville. Watching him was a lot of fun. I wish I could do it, but he got that talent, not me. My favorite evening was laying on the top deck under the stars, which amazingly, we had to ourselves as everyone else was inside enjoying the night life. It was wonderful to have that beautiful time and place to ourselves to meditate on God's goodness and power.  

We decided we like the cruise life, that's it's a cost-effective way for us to holiday. The part I liked the most were the unique activities we did on the excursions. Were it not for cruising, I probably would never zip-line in a rain forest, go cave tubing, or rent a scooter in Cozumel. For what we paid, we sure got a lot of bang for our buck.

I wonder where we will go next?


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