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thursday thirteen

Sibs and daddy1
2009, Valerie, Michael, Diane, Daddy, Stacie

1. I did a very foolish thing by not refilling a prescription. I've been out of it for about a week and a half. Bad, bad idea. Evidently it helps keep me sane.

2. I'm extraordinarily cranky and edgy.

3. I would kind of like to stab a few people with a fork.

4. Some people simply need a high five. In the face. With a chair.

5. Need those pills. I will get myself fired without them.

6. Went to the pharmacy. Took three pills right there at the counter.

7. Should be able to control the spastic tongue soon.

8. Wish I got paid for the hours it felt I worked today.

9. Did I mention it was a hard day at work?

10. I'm known for my smile, kindness, patience, positivity and good cheer. Literally. I hear it all the time.

11. I bet they're wondering what got hold of me this week.

12. Can't decide if I was surrounded by a--holes or if I was one. I think a bit of both. I seriously regret being such a crank.

13. This evening I talked to Stacie for a long time. We laughed and I felt much much better. Nothing like good sister time. I sure love her. And Diane. And Michael and Lawana. I have great siblings.



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