deborah is 11 today
something to smile about

camping at little bow

Not our campsite
Unfortunately, this is not our way of camping.


Humble as it is, our camping looks more like this. We met our friends the Loszchuks and enjoyed another good camping trip with them.

Bike ride at sunset


Taken on my bike ride at sunset.



Jerrod, deborah, uncle tom and d's fish

Jerrod and Uncle Tom took Deborah fishing with them. She caught this fish, a walleye, I think, but she didn't want to hold it for the picture.

Debs' fish

After a little coercion, she agreed to hold up its fin. Tom cooked it in beer and it was delicious.



Debs bd cake

Deborah turned 11 while we were there.

Our little trek to the swimmin' hole


Our little trek to the lake.

V & d swimming

Deborah and me, swimming in what felt like glacier water. Fortunately by afternoon it was much warmer.

Little bow lake in the distance

Our lake is way in the distance. See it? I loved this view.

My beautiful alberta

When I first moved to the prairies, I felt exposed and vulnerable. The terrain made me feel lonely. Now I love my beautiful Alberta.

2010 family holidays are going to be pretty skimpy this year. Gordon and the girls will probably go camping again in August. I have a newer job and can't get any more time off. Especially since I already called in all my negotiating resources to get time off for a trip to Arkansas in September.

I have three, maybe four, more dragon boat festivals this summer. It will continue to be a good summer even though our holidays will be on the lean side.