muriel, my nightmare
thursday thirteen

moby dick

MobydickToday someone mentioned Moby Dick. I cannot hear those words, Moby Dick, without thinking of my friend Nate. 

Nate was a young friend, a Christian musician who aspired to fame in the Christian music world. He met a lovely young girl and was sure "she was the one." Being married to a band-boy wasn't her dream. She dreamed of a career in marine biology.

For a few weeks she was all he talked about. One day his tune changed. His shoulders hung with heaviness as he unloaded his burden. "All I want to do is sing, to worship God with my music, to find a wife who shares that vision. All Cheryl wants to do is chase Moby the Dick."



you are just way too funny to not have your own show.


I love you Joan. :-)

Shelly Gribble

I believe I had a blind date with Moby once!

valerie dykstra

I had a date with Moby too.
You're hilarious.

Shelly Gribble

No, YOU'RE hilarious!

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