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2009 christmas letter

a homemade christmas

 Xmas cookies

I think these cookies turned out pretty.

Reindeer cookies

The reindeer, well, not so pretty.

Hannah's bag

Hannah wanted a new funky bag for the library. This is it.


The girls and Gordon do the gingerbread house thing. I just stay out of the way.

Cloth bags

I like our fabric gift-bags that scream, "we're saving the planet one gift at a time." :-)

I don't have pictures of the ornaments I made this year, but trust me, they're cute.

The meal was divine and we're stuffed beyond safe capacity.

It's been a wonderful, perhaps even glorious, couple of days. And tomorrow is Boxing Day which we'll spend with the Dykstras.

I hope all of you are enjoying this most wonderful time of the year.



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