2009 red challenge
sweet, sweet

thursday thirteen re avery and roman

 Avery claire2 1. I have a new grand-daughter and can hardly wait to meet her. Avery Claire was born on September 1 and weighed 8.4. She is beautiful and perfectly charming -- all babies related to me are.

2. I will be with Avery and Romie Boy all of October. Isn't that special? I can't wait to play I Spy, have a picnic, bake cookies and go for walks with Roman. We will have so much good bonding time, because that's what Beppies do.

3. I can't wait to hold Avery and sit with her in the porch swing. She'll be one month old and plenty old enough to think I'm the softest Beppie going.

4. Roman was traumatized (in Beppie's sense of the word) in a church nursery recently. Not his church's nursery, but another one. Now he's afraid of his old fun, familiar nursery.

5. I'd like to visit the nursery-worker that traumatized him and give her a piece of my mind. Because I'm mature and grandmotherly, I'd weigh my words really carefully. I'd say something like, "I'm Roman's Beppie," and then I'd kick her really hard in the shin.Stephanie and avery  

6. But I won't be visiting her. And she can keep the shin guards at home.

7. Every day I'm getting closer to finishing Roman's I-Spy-With-My-Little-Eye quilt. I have to say it's not very pretty, but I'm hoping it'll be very fun.

8. Hannah's bedroom is right next door to my sewing room. We meet in the sewing room nearly every night to play like we're playing with Roman.

I spy with my little eye a donkey dressed up all snazzy-like.

I spy with my little eye a monkey with an umbrella.

I spy with my little eye a puppy.

If everything goes according to plan, this quilt will be Roman's forever-attachment to Beppie and give him hours and hours of fun. Lordy, I hope. I'll be sorely disappointed if he's not interested in I Spy with My Little Eye.

9. But I would never kick him in the shins.

10. It's been a long time since I saw Roman. The last time I saw him he was in the "whazat?" stage. He's long past that, but in our minds he's still there. In mine and Hannah's evening I Spy game, we always point at something and whisper, "whazat?".

11. Roman is very loved.

12. He talks in his sleep. Isn't that cute?

13.  He loves Madagascar, the movie. He laughs in all the right spots. They went to the zoo on Sunday and instead of calling the zebra a zebra, he called him Marty.

I know I'm going past 13, but it's Roman...

Roman and jm 14. Often when I'm talking to Stephanie on the phone, I'll hear John Mark and Roman playing and laughing in the background. I love John Mark for that. I really, really love him for that.

15. Today at the hospital a nurse took Avery away to take her blood. Roman cried and said, "No, no!" to her.

16. The first time he saw Avery he touched and patted her and rubbed his chubby little fingers on her head and said, "tickle tickle."

17. That sweetness is almost too much for this Beppie to contain in her heart. It makes my eyes leak.


mindi bartell

so very beautiful :)
the second picture looks like Christopher, but more feminine, of course.
i have the funniest image of you kicking nursery workers in their shins.


SHE IS TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Do you hear me shouting?
Oh my! What a beautiful little girl! I am not sure who she reminds me of....but it is certainly one of my babies. May be Christopher, may be Stephanie, may be Valerie. All I know is she sure looks familiar. Gosh!, I need to hold her! She just looks too darn cuddly! Can't wait to see her.



what beautiful grandchildren you are producing, they just keep getting more adorable. you will have so much fun when you visit.

and personally i think you should go and kick that nursery worker in the shins just for the heck of it, it'll make you feel better and provide really good material for your blog.



If you want to kick her in the shins I would go for moral support : ) I still think bad thoughts about her. Roman is going to love his quilt, and we are all going to love seeing you. This is a fun post: )

valerie dykstra

You've all blessed my socks off. Seriously, I have on no socks now.

Mama, I said the exact same thing, "she looks so familiar." I cannot pinpoint who it is she reminds me of, but she definitely reminds me of someone. There's a picture right after birth where she has her thumb in her mouth and in that photo she reminds me of Christopher. I can't put my finger on who she looks like, but I know she looks like someone I know. She's so beautiful.

Jones and Mindi, maybe I'll kick her after all -- you know, sometimes it's hard to come up with blogging fodder and that would definitely give me some.

Stephie Pooh, I phoned to check on you a bit ago. No answer. You aren't out showing off Avery are you? Rest my child.

Jannie Funster

What an angel doll. Congrats!

And I either didn't know (or forgot ) that you are a grand-ma. So lucky!

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