my summer holiday
hannah's bedroom

thursday thirteen

Gandv bike ride to lacombe 1.    These are some pictures from our long bike ride last week. Didn’t we pass some lovely terrain and homes?



2.       The picture of the girls in the canola wasn’t taken on the ride. I try to get an annual picture of them in a local canola field.




3.       Hannah Bear is at camp this week. This camp is nine days, several days longer than any she’s been to before. We went to see her last night. It was such a joy seeing her smiling, enthusiastic face.




Canola girls 09 4. 

      Did I mention that all three of the girls have jobs? Paper routes. We think it may be too much for Deborah. (She always has someone with her.) On paper delivery days she complains quite a lot. We think it’s too much responsibility for her. She’s got a couple chances left.




5.       While Hannah is at camp, Gordon is kindly painting her room “Citrus Punch”. It’s a bright bright yellow. I’m redecorating and am quite excited by the progress.




6.       I think Hannah will love her newly decorated digs. She’s a most gracious child in this way. I can almost guarantee you she’ll look at her room and then run  to hug me in appreciation. I can barely wait for that hug. J


Pretty house 1 7. 

    On the same day Hannah gets back from camp, Deborah heads off to camp. When Deborah gets home, Rachael heads to camp. For three weeks we’ll only have two girls in the house.




8.       I’m on an email list from a magazine that solicits articles from writers from all over North America. Monday there was a giant glitch in their system and everyone on the list started getting email intended for the magazine’s office. Tons of mail. It was bizarre and mildly irritating. Mildly irritating to me, really irritating for some. Imagine sitting in a business meeting and your Blackberry keeps buzzing you with new email and it’s all meant for someone else. Frustrated, you bang off an email demanding to be removed from the email list, only to realize after you hit “send” that your email is going to everyone on the list, including yourself, and not to the intended party. This happened over and over. It was a bit like email rage. Fortunately there were plenty of good-natured folks on the list. They made jokes about getting acquainted with each other. I got a huge kick out of a guy who responded to all these emails from people he doesn’t know with this email:  “This is a bit what the hey, but would you all like to come to my house on Friday for a pot-luck?” I’ll never meet this man, but I know I’d like him.


Pretty house 2 9. 

       There’s a survey circulating on Facebook about how many US states you’ve been in and how many you’ve lived in. From what people have sent me, it’s apparent that I’m well above average in the states I’ve been in and well below average in the states I’ve lived in. I’ve been in 47 states. I've only lived in Arkansas.


10.   Stephanie is just four weeks away from her due date. Lil’ Miss Avery should be arriving in early September. Of course Stephanie is hoping for something like mid-August.


Lovely farm 11. 

  Speaking of Stephanie, yesterday I saw some pictures of a kid who was into everything in a grocery store. It reminded me of the time Stephanie (probably 1 ½ -2 years old) pulled a glass jar of pickles from the bottom row of the pickle display pyramid. It was one of my prouder moments as a young mom. J



12.   80% of orange tabby cats are male. That’s my trivia flash of the day. I never knew…

I love alberta country 13. I love Alberta. These pictures, I hope, give you a taste of it.



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