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deborah's french narrative

Do you want to see a wittle Dutch girl speak French? This is Deborah doing a narrative in French. She kind of goes overboard explaining it in English. Feel free to jump to the French part. I only know one language so seeing Deborah speaking French is a thrill for me. I love her expressive-ness. Watch it long enough to see her emote. :-)

Join me in the thrill, will you?




Val, She's so sweet! I'm impressed. So she can really speak French, right? It's not just memorized? I'm jealous. I am wanting to learn Spanish later this year. Misty and I are going in together on Rosetta Stone CDs.
Tell Deborah I thought she was great.


That is incredible!!!! I had no idea she could speak French. Chris is going to be in awe. he was president of the french club in school, but doesn't know french...I'm not sure how that happened, but oh well. She's beautiful and French is such a pretty language. I just can't believe how well she speaks it. good job debs


Yes, I'm quite proud of the wee one. Her French improves every year. She enjoys it much more than the other two, and therefore has done much better in it. I hope she'll keep it up. I'd love to have a bilingual in the fam. :-)

Thank you both.

Jannie Funster

She is so incredibly adorable. And the spitting image of you, I think? A Mine-Me. I love having one of those of me too!

And did I ever mention I love the nice solid lines and pleasing placement of your blog's design? I'm a bit freakish about that on mine, so can appreciate yours.

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