purple month's photo challenge
gordon on the breakfast show

deborah's piano recital

Tonight was Deborah's recital. Rachael rolled Deborah's hair and together they came up with a unique look, as you will soon see.

The second song Deborah plays is one she wrote. With some help from me, she named it Celtic Morning. Do you hear the Celtic flavour? I think it's beautiful.

Deborah is 9 years old and I think she's doing very well musically. As with last time, I taped her at home before the recital so I could get up close and personal. :-)

Watch Deborah on Youtube right here.



My PC is nuts. It does not play these u tubes very good at all. Stop and start! stop and start! stop and start! Stop! But I DID very much enjoy looking at Deborah. Even during the stops...possibly even more during the stops. She is so pretty! Gosh! it amazes me all that DNA showing. I don't know if it is you or me she looks most like. Of course, you would not remember what I looked like at that age. Just look at Deborah and you will know. More the profile than right on. She looks more like you right on. Sure wish you (and they)were coming to our weekend thingy.


Val, Tell Deborah I thought she played wonderfully. Really! and I liked her Celtic Morning. Does she really enjoy music?
Willow had her first piano recital last week. She did well, too. I wish I had taped her. Next time I will.
Deborah looks SO MUCH like you at that age!


Wow. Deborah, you are very talented and I loved watching you. I like the first song and remembered when I used to sing that (to myself) a lot. Celtic Morning was beautiful.

I love you,
Aunt Stacie

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