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happy anniversary to us

Heart Today is our anniversary. 16 years of bledded wiss and quite a few years of being happily incompatible (note, I don't claim 16 years of happiness). To celebrate the day I wore mascara and lip gloss to work. I'm living dangerously, pulling out the stops. Oh yeah, I also wore White Diamonds perfume. White Diamonds isn't "me" anymore but it's what I wore on our wedding day so I wear it every May 22.

Last night we listened to "Home" by Rich Mullins. Gordon and I both love this song and it was played at our wedding. Last night I was so struck by how prophetic it was to us. My goodness, it's like we played our own prophecy at our wedding. I smiled and smiled listening to it, totally aware of how unaware I was 16 years ago. Wow! was all I could think as I listened to it last night.


Home, by Rich Mullins

I see the morning moving over the hills
I can see the shadows on the western side
And all those illusions that I had
They just vanish in Your light
Though the chill in the night still hangs in the air
I can feel the warmth of morning on my face
Though the storm had tossed me
'Til I thought I'd nearly lost my way

And now the night is fading and the storm is past
And everything that could be shaken was shaken
And all that remains is all I ever really had

What I'd have settled for
You've blown so far away
What You brought me to
I thought I could not reach
And I came so close to giving up
But You never did give up on me

I see the morning moving over the hills
I feel the rush of life here where the darkness broke
And I am in You and You're in me
Here where the winds of Heaven blow

And now the night is fading
And the storm is through
And everything You sent to shake me
From my dreams they come to wake me
In the love I find in You
And now the morning comes
And everything that really matters
Become the wings You send to gather me
To my home
To my home
I'm going home

As I reread it I marvel at how it reflects our life. I'm very, very thankful. I'm thankful for what God has taught me since becoming a wife to Gordon; for God saving me from myself because I would have settled for so much less; we both had so many illusions about what our life together would be like and somehow God burned those away and gave us something better than our illusions. (I'm speaking for myself here. Gordon's post would look entirely different, I'm sure).

There is still a "chill of the night that hangs in our air". When we lost custody of Steph and Christopher it was the end of the world for me. I thought I'd never recover. That "chill of night" is still here but the "warmth of the morning on my face" is prevailing. That storm tossed me and I thought I'd never find my way again. But I did and it's a better life than I ever imagined. I feel the rush here where the darkness broke. And everything He sent to shake me came to wake me to His love.

I'm thankful for it all.

Happy Anniversary Gordon. I'm glad we're sharing this journey.

If you have any desire to read my profound thoughts and writings on marriage and Gordon and things like that, you'll find a host of them right here.



Valerie, I don't want to be public an all that, but this post deserves a comment from me if any one does. I love you. I am thankful to God for his sustaining power and great grace to us both. I look forward to growing older, wiser and closer to you as the years pass. You have been faithful and funny and fun. Thanks for making a home with me.

Love, Gordon


Happy Anniversary Valerie and Gordon. :)
Enjoy your day!


Very daring woman your are, lip gloss, mascara, and White Diamonds! Simply precious song I have never heard that I know of....I'm glad that God Loves you so Much - to have brought the both of you together! Happy #16 Valerie and Gordon!

Shelly Gribble

Beautiful song...Happy Anniversary!! I'm so thankful that things have turned out so well for you, Valerie.

stephanie laney

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love that song too--its beautiful. Love you guys


Happy Anniversary, Valerie. My heart aches every time you share about the pain you were dealt and yet you have so beautifully endured. To hear you talk about peace and comfort in the wake is always so good. Even though I want to bop Gordon over the head half the time, I'm so glad you have him and he you. I love you. Stacie

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