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Hannah is a goon. She's always coming up with weird zany things to say and do, sometimes producing some hilarious concoctions.

The context of this video is the dogs chasing the cat. One dog actually got her cornered and, bam, Tawny surprised the dog with a paw in the face.

Now we are over-using that phrase around here: "Bam, paw in the face."

Enjoy. And please comment as Hannah is so embarrassed that I posted this.


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that was so funny! BAM! Paw in the face. She reminds me a bit of Christopher :)

She's hilarious....Bam!!!!


She is very funny. and they fall back in utter disbelief. Does she come up with these things on her own?


Hannah the Entertainer. I loved it. Bam! Paw in the Face.Aunt Stacie

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