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heroes and mentors

My 20th Century Heroes and/or Mentors - A very diversified list. They are in no particular order.

1) Mother Teresa - what a selfless woman she was.
2) Coretta and Martin Luther King, Jr. - the personal sacrifice they gave for racial equality.
3) Rosa Parks. Would I have the guts to just say "no" like she did? Probably not. But I want to be that courageous. Without her, the Civil Rights movement in the US may not have materialized, at least not then.
4) Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain during WW2. He was a bold, persevering, compassionate leader. A leader less than he probably would have fallen to Hitler's advances. He had a brilliant wit and command of the English language that I greatly admire.
5) Julia Cameron - she, as far as I know, is not a believer (as I mean it), yet she mentored me in seeing God in creation, of living in the moment, of noticing the details around me. I'm much richer because of that heightened awareness.
6) Gary Larson, creator of the Far Side cartoon. Please don't think less of me for admiring his work so much. He is a brilliant student of humanity; this is clear in his cartoons. His observations are genius and acute. (And he's absolutely hilarious too.)
7) Norman Rockwell, artist. Oh, to capture the emotions he so successfully painted of mundane American life. He too was a magnificent student of humanity.
8) Gandhi - I don't know nearly as much about Gandhi as I'd like. But like Martin Luther King, I love his non-violent commitment to equality.
9) Mothers who delay personal gratification for the good of their children. I am a stay-at-home-mother-of-preschoolers proponent, big time.
10) Ann and Philip Hatley from my hometown. They live simple in a complex world. They were living simply before I knew the concept, continually going against the flow of a materialistic culture. I don't know if I could do it in Small Town USA where appearance is everything.
11) Gordon. He has taught me more good than any single person in the universe.
12) Catherine Marshall. She was a Christian inspirational writer who influenced me significantly in the mid-90's. Hannah's middle name is Kathleen. Kathleen is homage to Catherine Marshall.
13) Physically active people, those who jog, hike, mountain bike, etc for the pure pleasure of it. I want to be like them.


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