just a hair

sounds great right now

Here are 13 things that sound wonderful to me.
1. a retreat by the ocean
2. a retreat in the mountains
3. a family holiday to Hawaii
4. having all the house projects completed
5. a nicely manicured backyard with no mosquitoes
6. soaking in the sun in that nicely manicured backyard with no mosquitoes, enjoying the singing of birds, the gurgling of the fountain, the scent of the lilacs. heavenly.
7. visiting Ireland with Stacie and Diane
8. holding my grandson Roman, inhaling his scent and listening to every grunt
9. a weekend in Jasper with Gordon
10. a date with Gordon to the Cheesecake Cafe
11. a granite counter top. way too extravagant for me, but lovely still
12. a visit from a relative
13. lots of hanging out time with Stephanie and Christopher.



i'd love to tag along on a few of those...maybe not #9. but the rest sound lovely. :)

i'd let you tag along on all of them but #9. :)

You know, all of them sound great up to the point of the Father's Day cologne...!!Happy to spend a weekend in Jasper, and even with Gordon (not in the way that you might like to have with him, but still a week 'with the boys' fishing, hiking etc sounds good to me!!!As for the manicured background, we have that (I work at a Botanic Garden) so I know how to get it...Have a great weekend... Oh and stop by and have a look at our TT as well...Bernie


Mmmmm...nice list. Cologne driving you wild is a little freaky, but hey. That was a great list of things. They all sound wounderful.Love ya--Steph

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