sounds great right now

just a hair

I've been painting my kitchen cupboards. Yesterday I had bottom doors drying on the picnic table in the backyard. It wasn't a real smart move as that is one of Lucy's favorite sun-bathing spots. As luck would have it, soon enough I discovered Lucy soaking in the sunshine on top of the cupboard doors. It wasn't a total disaster, just a partial one. The paint wasn't wet enough to get on her, but her stout body did do some damage to the paint that hadn't totally dried. I didn't get mad because I thought she looked so cute sitting on my gleaming white doors. Man, I love that dog.

While I was pulling little fawn-colored Lucy hairs off the doors I remembered something cute.

Gordon and I were eating out with another couple. Within minutes of our meal coming Scott complained about a hair in his salad. He and his wife didn't take it in stride. Not that I like it when hair is in my food, but I don't usually have a cow right then and there.

Scott quickly called the waiter over and began to protest. He went a little overboard. When he finished, the waiter said, "I understand, but it's not like it's a long hair. It's just a little one."

Scott said, "Quite frankly it's because of its size that I'm so bothered."

We all knew precisely what he meant and lost our appetites.



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