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Quirky Things About This Family

1. Our dishwasher is our "recycling bin."

2. Gordon wanders around the house while he brushes his teeth. Always.

3. Rachael runs - always runs - to the bathroom during the night.

4. We have found many many "treasures" in other people's garbage. That bites to admit, but it's true. I personally stay out of others' garbage, but my kids and husband have brought home many cool things.

5. When the kids are whining, but she got to do it, that's not fair, I counter with, "That's because she's my favorite." It's wonderfully effective in making my kids smile and change the subject.

6. Hannah puts on her pajamas right after school even though she plans to play outside.

7. Deborah has a wart the size of Memphis on her knee. She cries at the mention of having it removed. Gordon calls the wart "Deborah's friend" because she cries at the idea of getting rid of it.

8. The girls and I speak for our dogs. When we are petting Lucy, Bear comes running, yelling, "Break it up, break it up."

9. We have a big water jug that we all drink out of. At meals, there's one jug on the table that the girls and I share. Gordon thinks he's too good for it. He uses a glass.

10. Deborah's best friend from next door uses the same jug. Yesterday she came upstairs and said, "Where's the water jug?" (Don't you know her parents would be thrilled to know this.)

11. The girls and I are pretty loosey goosey with our toothbrushes. We use whichever one is handiest. But we don't use Gordon's.



Hi chickie, I missed you.

i think hannah could easily be one of my children. that pajama thing sealed the deal for me. :)


I smiled at #5. I used to do this too. A kid would whine "you let him do it." I'd reply, "that's because I like him the best." I worried about this years later until I heard both Cindy and Greg say the same thing to their kids.Before I had been so rewarded I'd mmentioned it to my colleagues at work about wonder if that scarred any of them. My boss said, "No, you just brought out into the open what the kid was implying."

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