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things i'd do differently

13 Things I’d Do Differently Given a Second Chance

1) I wouldn’t date in high school.

2) And I sure wouldn’t have sex in high school.

3) I would be nicer to my sister, Stacie, as a teenager.

4) As teenagers, Stacie and I would help each other have the good sense to do the things we should.

5) I would go straight to college from high school.

6) I would finish that degree.

7) I would go to East Texas University where I had a full scholarship for Business and Journalism.

8) Supposing all the above never took place, but still playing the game of Second Chance, I’d be a better wife to Kent. I didn’t realize how poor of a wife I was until I was married to Gordon. Age is wondrous at showing us our folly.

9) Once divorced though, I would never remarry and never date. (This is in no way about Gordon, rather a belief about divorce and remarriage that came post-remarriage for me.)

10) I wouldn’t work at CMA.

11) I would be humble and recognize my absolute need and dependence on God to sustain me.

12) I would eat lots of fruits and vegetables from the get-go.

13) I would learn compassion for the poor and the joy of living simply early in life.




Michael thought perhaps with the mention of being nicer to Stacie you meant to say - and Michael - haha!and wouldn't we all have chosen to eat more veggies and fruits - I am sure we have all sat around and thought "if only" but one thing for sure that I am glad happened was to have my children - I recall as a young teenager "I was not going to have children - I am glad the Lord had different plans for me!

i appreciate your honesty in this post. i think too many people say, "i wouldn't change anything", as though admitting that they WOULD change something implies that they aren't happy with their life.i know that at my ripe old age of 27, i have many many many things that i would have done differently if given a second chance, and they have nothing to do with my husband/children. just things that i didn't think about, or think were important at the time.

Good one Valerie!ps. i've just figured out how to add comments with this new beta blogga stuff

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