house for sale
a story by hannah

deborah's note to god

Deborah recently got caught in some lies. To compensate and try to earn leniency from her parents, she wrote this elaborate letter to God. I suppose she was trying to write a brilliantly theological note in hopes of escaping discipline. I'm not sure how sorry she was, but I thought her letter to God was pretty clever for such a young one.

Her letter reads:

My prayer to God and Jesus

Dear god i'm sorry for breaking 1 of the 10 commandmints. I no you died on the cross for my sins. And it breaks your heart for me to do it again. I pray that you will forgive. I pray my relashenship will grow closer to you and I pray for you to put your gardein angels around us and bless us all and Jesus name amen.

Then she drew a picture of a cross and two hearts and wrote, "I love my Lord."