another day of work
deborah and beeswax


I just took down the Christmas tree. But before I did, I sat and looked at it to see if I could conjure up a poem. This is a tradition I started last year (hopefully I can maintain it); a poem that is Christmas tree related. My Christmas tree is very personal, so I wanted to capture some of the memories. Again, I'll say what I say every time I write a poem: I am not a poet. However, I do find the exercise and discipline of trying to write a poem good for me.


White paper angel
crowning my tree
Hailing love and good tidings
from friends near the sea.
Christmas morning
A heavenly being of
gold sequins and thread
Bittersweet reminders
of memories dread.

A blond angel in a red dress
and a brunette in blue
Bearing pictures of daughters
aged one and two.

White feathered angel
that shines a blue light
Bidding me love from
my darling tonight.

Angels of beeswax
and alabaster too
Crystal and gold from
friends old and new.

My angels bear greetings,
love and goodwill
Bringing annual joy to
my heart with appeal.