july's 12 in '12

July's 12 in '12 This is my July 12 in '12 collage. As I wrote here, for the remainder of the year I am journaling each month in picture. This picture is loaded with signficant and meaningful stuff irrespective of how insignificant it looks. 1. St. Francis of Assisi is one of the great mentors in my life. I read something in late June that sparked a desire to re-read some of the things I've read on this great man. I wanted to rekindle some of the truths that I learned from him. In July I re-read these books. 2 and 11. These pictures are from Deborah's 13th birthday. I officially have 3 teenage daughters. 3. Hannah found this kitten near 7-11. It was meowing and she looked down at her feet to discover him there. She brought him home and nursed him back to health. This picture was taken... Read more →

2007 goals

It's the time of year when anal retentive people like myself make lists and look at last year's list to affirm successes and justify failures. Quite a fun time of year; a time that requires thought processes that have been slumbering peacefully for roughly 365 days. The glass-half-empty people scoff at those of us who make lists. I will not be deterred. Lists are good! God makes list -- The Ten Commandments. I want to be like God. (That was cute. I have to remember that.) So after much thought and deliberations, I will share my 2007 resolves. 1) Read the New Testament through. 2) Walk Lucy more. My Lucy is a delightful furry friend and she loves walking the neighborhood. Hannah walks her every day, but I want to walk her too. Good for me, good for Lucy. 3) Eat 6-7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. That's... Read more →