a re-made bathroom
escaped convict

you probably don't know...

Some things about me that you may not know (probably don't know) and that may raise lots of questions in your mind. I am a very nice person and my background isn't as shady as these things may suggest. Be amused.
-I've had seven surgeries. Not bad for a healthy person, eh?
-I had a warrant out for my arrest in Wyoming.
-I have been threatened with jail two times; once in my hometown, once in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
-I smuggled Bibles into Vietnam and China.
(Me in Vietnam, 1991)047_47
-Oh yeah, I was threatened with jail in China too. The officer was carrying an AK47. I got caught smuggling Bibles.
-I've thrown-up in many public places and not always in a bathroom.
-The muscle that controls throw-up doesn't work on me.
-The most scared I've ever been was when Stephanie nearly drown when she was four or five. I didn't sleep for two nights, reliving it and thinking "what if."
-I miscarried a baby at 12 weeks.
-US Customs always treats me like a criminal.
-I've been threatened with deportation by both my countries.
-I've been quoted in an porn magazine. My quote was not pornographic.


i need many, many explanations. please. :)

What was your quote, pray tell!


Please, we Do need to know the quote! Also, why the warrant for your arrest in Wyoming? I understand the threats of jail. That can happen to most anybody.But I'd like also to know which ornpae magazine quoted y ou. Valerie, Inquiring minds want to know.

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