my republican stupidity
hannah and ferrets

i love fall

Things I love about fall:

1) the colors
2) the smell of decomposing matter
3) crisp mornings
4) bringing out the flannel pajamas
5) back to school
6) apple pies
7) fresh vegetables
8) fall decor; pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn
9) the crunch of leaves
10) shorter days
11) candy corn
12) warmer clothes
13) the return of soups and chili


yeah, i was with you on all of them until that one. i was thinking, maybe you had a lot of animals die in the autumn?? :) i understand now.

"The smell of decaying and decomposing matter" What exactly do you mean?

the smell of leaves, wet bark, grass,... all those things are decaying. maybe there are better words I could have used, but they are not coming to mind.

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