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a random 12

1. We're having a cool spell. It's dreary, gloomy, and many would say it's kind of nasty. I like it though. I like blue skies more, but I appreciate the variety. We might even have some spittin' snow soon. It won't stick around though. We will have a lovely fall.

2. I quit my wicker furniture job and now just work in the fabric store.

3. I like putting in my few hours each week, but my real enjoyment is at home. I am domestically inclined. I love it. 10 - 15 years ago I would have rolled my eyes in disbelief had someone told me there would come a day when I'd love this quiet peaceful life of serving my family.

4. I encountered some ghosts this week. I thought I'd been largely delivered from the sin of pride, but I am now fully aware that it is still very much an issue for me. Two times I found myself in the throes of a prideful fit. One "fit" God mercifully rescued me before I did too much damage, the other I had to eat a large helping of humble pie.

5. Humble pie is my least favorite pie.

6. My hubby is very patient and good to me. He has good reason to question my stability at times, but he keeps forgiving and loving me.

7. Rachael is running for Vice-President of student council.

8. Bear has started hiking his leg when he pees, but only under one condition: When Lucy pees, he hikes his leg and pees on Lucy's foot.

9. Hannah wants a ferret, but I have said no to any more pets. She's looking for a home for her hamster and she already gave away her fish. We still have one fish left and she eyes it every morning hoping it's dead. Poor fish. She thinks she'll get a ferret for Christmas if the rodents and fish are gone by then.

10. My social butterfly Deborah isn't having an easy time with friends this year. There are only five girls in her class. She is the proverbial fifth wheel. Her best friend is next door, but Kalyna doesn't go to Deborah's school.

11. We think we have found a new church. We've been there four times and are feeling pretty confident it's where we'll settle. Sunday school started back on Sunday (it wasn't on for the summer) and we were very pleased with the children's program.

12. I hate Halloween.


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