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follow-up four

10 things

1. I joined a writers' group. I hope to have fun, fun, fun.

2. I made soap the other night. Note to self and anyone else who plans to make soap: There is a GREAT BIG difference between fluid ounces and ounces in weight. I had never thought of that, but now I KNOW in no uncertain terms.

3. I had a huge confrontation with a teacher at the kid's school. She rebuked my 11 year old for her panties showing on the swing. In front of Rachael's male teacher, she said to Rachael in her snarky sarcastic way that I'm all too familiar with, "Rachael, it's not like we want to see the pattern on your panties." Rachael was humiliated. My head about popped off in anger. That's because we have so much history with this woman. All I wanted from her was to recognize that it was inappropriate to shame Rachael like that. She didn't feel it was inappropriate. "You mean you want the whole school to see Rachael's panties?," she said. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR. I snapped. I haven't snapped like that in years.

4. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to the principal. Really this is just the straw that broke the camel's back. We've had soooo many episodes like this. I haven't disliked someone like I dislike her in years.

5. Praying hard regarding my attitude.

6. Deborah told me today that Matthew called her a "retart." (Retard)

7. Deborah also said, "Tyson hurt my feelings. He said someone in my family is fat." Hummm, who could he have meant? I thought it sweet that Deborah didn't want to come out and name names. She's sensitive that way.

8. Bear is weaseling his way into my heart. I haven't loved him like Frodo. Yesterday I accidentally shut the door on him (not too badly). He limped for a few minutes and I realized how much I loved him in those moments.

9. Gordon is good to me and he is wise. I could easily forget the principles that I'm fighting for regarding aforementioned teacher. He keeps bringing me back to that focus when I'm getting carried away on an emotional (ungodly) tangent.

10. I made Hannah a funky mirror tonight. I can hardly wait to hang it while she's at school tomorrow. She will be so pleased to find it. She'll run out of her room as soon as she sees it to hug me and say thanks.


i like these Thursday 13 things. i always have random things floating around in my head, and this is a nice tidy way to blog about them :) i vote you keep this routine on thursdays :) i may try it next week.

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