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A few days ago Stacie and I were recollecting on school life of so many days ago. We told stories about our old friend Odetta. Odetta was in Stacie's grade, but I claimed her as a friend too. After we talked at length about those days, I got off the phone determined to "look her up."

I typed in her first name and the state I'd heard she was in. I found an Odetta and called the number. Guess what? It was her! Can you believe the wonders of the World Wide Web?

We caught up in a short time about our lives over the past 20 years; husbands, kids, jobs. Then we told stories about way back when.

I've been known to whine about the abuse I suffered at my brother's hand. Many of you may think I exaggerate, but God is my witness, I do not. (But he's nice now, just so you know.)

Odetta wears a chipped tooth and my brother is responsible for it. Odetta, fortunately, is good spirited about it. She doesn't recall how Michael coerced her into this, but I remember his methods well; it always involved force. Michael made Stacie and Odetta hold their mouths open along the side of the kitchen table so he could play pool. He shot a ball against Odetta's mouth and chipped her front tooth.



My sis in law Stacie was just here in ARKANSAS visiting and Mim was telling us this story from Val when Michael was asked "do you remember this?" he grinned really big and said "No" well maybe....Lawana

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