blah to laughing hysterically


My dear, dear friend Debbie had breast cancer and subsequently has to visit her doctors often. This week her doctor did his touchy-feely routine on her breasts yet again. Anxious to confirm there were no new lumps, she asked, "Do they feel good?"

The difference in Debbie and me is that she can immediately laugh at herself. I have to emotionally recover first. That recovery has taken anywhere from two hours to 25 years. Debbie has mentored me in how to laugh at myself. She learned how much earlier in life than me and has consistently lived it. What a gift she has. I so admire her ability to laugh at her own foibles -- immediately.



My primary interest lies in learning EXACTLY how the doctor responded. What WORDS did he use? You can tell a lot about a doctor by how he responds to a young woman's questions like this.


I like both parts of this story, Debbie's question to the doctor and your ability to highlight this wonderful trait of Debbie's. These kind of people are so wonderful to have around. I hope for Debbie's sake that her breasts felt "awesome" to that doctor.srp

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